Best Alpahirt products in the Meat + Fish category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Alpahirt products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Alpahirt Beef salsiz

The pure beef Salsiz consists of beef, red wine, natural salt and spices. From Graubünden. Without curing agents such as nitrite and nitrate.

2. Alpahirt Beef dripping

Mmmh, what's sizzling in the kitchen? When things get really hot in the pan again, our beef dripping is a must. The local alternative to coconut fat comes from cows that were allowed to eat the finest grasses and herbs on the alpine pastures for many summers. And because the animals absorb a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, the result is a particularly high-quality fat. 

Alpahirt Beef dripping (225 g)
Meat + Fish
19.90 88.44/1kg

Alpahirt Beef dripping

225 g

3. Alpahirt Alpine Pig Salsiz

Like the cow, the Alpine pig spends the entire summer in the mountains. This Alpine pork salsiz is created in harmony with nature.

Alpahirt Alpine Pig Salsiz (140 g)
Meat + Fish
19.90 142.14/1kg

Alpahirt Alpine Pig Salsiz

140 g

4. Alpahirt Mountain meat chips

Let the spicy chips melt in your mouth piece by piece. Can you taste the subtle hint of red wine? Dried from the best beef.

Alpahirt Mountain meat chips (100 g)
Meat + Fish
28.– 280.–/1kg

Alpahirt Mountain meat chips

100 g

5. Alpahirt Beef salsiz with hemp nuts

Beef salsify with hemp nuts combines animal and vegetable proteins, omega-3 fatty acids and fibre. Strengthener.

Alpahirt Beef salsiz with hemp nuts (120 g)
Meat + Fish
23.– 191.67/1kg

Alpahirt Beef salsiz with hemp nuts

120 g

6. Alpahirt Beef salsiz with Bündner Chili

The noble chilli flavour is only subtle and harmonises perfectly with the meat flavour. Grisons chillies in organic standard.

Alpahirt Beef salsiz with Bündner Chili (120 g)
Meat + Fish
23.– 191.67/1kg

Alpahirt Beef salsiz with Bündner Chili

120 g

7. Alpahirt Baron

The meat melts in your mouth with an intense meaty flavour. Dried meat with almost 50% protein and less than 7% fat.