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On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Powermatic products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Powermatic Electric tamping machine Powermatic 2+

Powermatic2 - electric cigarette stuffing machine Probably the best semi-automatic cigarette stuffing machine at the moment. Within a few minutes, a complete pack of cigarettes is stuffed without having to worry that the tobacco will clump together and all the embers will fall off, as is the case with spiral machines. (Especially unpleasant when driving). The mechanism is similar to the lever stuffers, but with the big advantage that the cigarette tube is filled with "motor assistance", so you don't have to choke with the machine. It does not slide around on the table top and there is no wedging of the filling mechanism. Accessories: Cleaning brush Brush Pen to remove tobacco residues You will be thrilled because it works great you save approx. 50-60% in costs compared to normal cigarettes you don't need any spare parts (e.g. spare spiral) you still have money left over for your holidays at the end of the year it's fun it's suitable for beginners and professionals just try it out and be satisfied. 

2. Powermatic 3+ Stuffing Machine Anthracite

Stuffing cigarettes at the touch of a button? This is no problem for the digitalised version, Powermatic 3+. The funnel of the tamping machine has a volume to tamp about 30 cigarettes. Even the operation is child's play. Simply put your favourite tobacco into the funnel, put the cigarette tube on the end of the nozzle and press the start button. The tamping machine regulates the portioning of the tobacco itself. The display shows how many cigarettes have been produced. The Powermatic 3+ is operated with just one button. To ensure that the Powermatic 3+ works properly, we recommend that you only use volume tobacco (the cut should be short and the tobacco dry). Details Dimensions: 26 x 15 x 14 cm Quality product CE-certified Patented and high quality Sliding filling Automatic portioning of tobacco 100-240V / AC. 

3. Powermatic Tamping machine

Discover the Powermatic 5, a top class tamping machine that not only impresses with its efficiency but also with its user-friendly technology. This machine is the epitome of innovation and convenience for any smoker who has the desire to produce their own cigarettes. Savings potential: Enjoy a saving of 24 cents per cigarette, making the Powermatic 5 an economically advantageous choice. Automated processes: With an automatic tube feeder and a capacity reservoir for approximately 60 cigarette tubes, this device maximises your efficiency. The specially designed filling rod reduces protrusions and ensures that the tubes are fed smoothly, even with extra-size tubes. Time-saving functions: A large tobacco container allows you to stuff up to 30 cigarettes without refilling, while the fully automatic tobacco dosing guarantees a consistent and perfect result. Flexible settings: The Powermatic 5 offers three tobacco density settings, allowing you to customise the consistency of your cigarettes. Intelligent display functions: Monitor your production with a daily counter and a total counter and adjust the tobacco density as required. Ease of use and accessibility: This model is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate even for people with disabilities. Invest in the Powermatic 5 and experience how it revolutionises not only your smoking habits but also your finances. 

4. Powermatic Stuffing machine black

5. Powermatic IV

The Powermatic IV is the perfect cigarette machine for home use and self-consumption of optimally stuffed cigarettes. It measures 16x12 cm at a height of 6 cm (or 11 cm with the attachable tobacco funnel) and weighs a total of 1.29 kg. 

6. Powermatic Mini black

The Powermatic Mini is the smaller version of the Powermatic 1. Since the Mini, as the name suggests, is somewhat smaller and handier, it is much more suitable for making cigarettes on the go. The production of cigarettes with cigarette tubes is very simple: Fill in your favourite tobacco, put on the tube, close the lid and press the lever - done. With a size of 14 x 11 x 7.5 cm and a weight of only 285 grams, it can be taken practically anywhere.The colour of the machine may vary. The Powermatic Mini comes in either black or brown. To ensure that the Powermatic Mini works properly, we recommend that you only use volume tobacco (the cut should be short and the tobacco dry). Scope of delivery- Powermatic Mini- Cleaning brush- Stuffing aid- Quick Start operating instructions.