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1. Care Plus Family

This set is designed for families. Practice shows that many accidents happen in and around the house, on day trips by car or on longer journeys. The dressing material was expanded to include children's, bladder and ankle plasters. Normal plasters are often not sufficient for injuries to hands and fingers. Therefore the set was extended by hydrocolloid dressings for blisters and adhesive strips for cuts. The set now also includes a thermometer, ice pack, eye and wound irrigation and tick tweezers. As tick bites and their consequences increase more and more, tick tweezers also belong in this set. 

Care Plus Family (First Aid Kit)
First aid

Care Plus Family

First Aid Kit


2. Care Plus Compact

The Care Plus First Aid Kit Compact contains a well-balanced range of dressing materials both for initial wound care on the spot and for aftercare. The kit is ideal for travel as it holds enough of all materials in stock. Content: 1 gauze bandage 5 cm x 4m 5 Sterile gauze dressing 5x5 cm 2 Sterile wound dressing 10x10cm 6 Alcohol swabs 1 adhesive plaster roll (500x2,5 cm) 2 disposable gloves (pair) 1 rapid wound dressing 12x12cm 1 safety pins (6 pieces assorted) 5 adhesive plaster 6x10 cm 5 adhesive plaster 19x38 mm 5 adhesive plaster 25x72 mm 1 forceps 1 bandage scissors (large) 1 first aid guide 

Care Plus Compact (First Aid Kit)
First aid

Care Plus Compact

First Aid Kit


3. PocDoc Premium

The PocDoc system is designed to guide the first responder to the correct treatment in an emergency. The PocDoc App works in combination with the PocDoc first aid kit and was designed by doctors.
Look for the app in the store or use the QR Code The PocDoc first aid kit is made of high quality EVA foam. All materials are placed in the first aid kit to ensure quick access to the required materials. Free
compartments allow the contents to be expanded with your own components (e.g. clinical thermometer). PocDoc Premium: Equipped according to DIN 13164 (car first-aid box), plus an immediate cold compress, wound cleaning tissues and tweezers. 

4. Heat_it Insect bite treatment stick Android

The heat_it is a medical device for the relief of itching and pain by means of heat: Mosquito bites, horsefly bites, wasp bites, bee bites. Itchy bites can be quickly and easily relieved by heat treatment with the insect bite healer. At least Android version 5.0 is required. Does not work with ZTE Blade A7, ZTE Axon 7 and ZTE Axon 10 Pro. OTG activation necessary for some models. OTG support is required for smartphones with Micro USB connection. 

Heat_it Insect bite treatment stick Android
First aid

Heat_it Insect bite treatment stick Android


5. Care Plus First Aid Kit Basic

Fits the bicycle handlebar or the trouser belt - the First Aid Kit Basic from Care Plus. The first aid kit offers a compact equipment for a first supply in an emergency. The practical Velcro strap makes it easy to attach the sturdy bag, which is so small that it is guaranteed to fit in your backpack. Due to the manageable equipment, the First Aid Kit Basic Set is ideal for short trips, weekend trips, cross-country skiing or on the way by mountain bike. The set includes five sterile compresses (5x5 cm), a Hydrofyl wrap (5 cmx4 m), five plasters each (19x38 mm and 25x72 mm), two plasters (60x100 mm), a quick bandage (12x12 cm), a adhesive plaster (roll: 1.25 cmx1 m), a pair of vinyl gloves, four alcohol wipes, emergency scissors, tweezers and six assorted safety pins. 

Care Plus First Aid Kit Basic (First Aid Kit)
First aid

Care Plus First Aid Kit Basic

First Aid Kit


6. Hama First aid kit

Ideal, compact set, space-saving and ideal for travelling practical soft bag with zipper, dust protected and sterile packed Contents are CE-marked medical products

Hama First aid kit (First Aid Kit)
First aid

Hama First aid kit

First Aid Kit


7. Quick Aid Fresh Ice Towel

The Quick Aid Fresh Ice Towel is a microfiber towel designed for sports activities and medical use. When dry, it is extremely absorbent and protects the wearer from the intense sunlight. After wetting the cloth with water and wringing it out, it can achieve up to 30% temperature reduction. Suitable for forehead, neck and limbs for cooling. The Fresh Ice Towel works completely without chemicals with a sophisticated fiber structure. 

Quick Aid Fresh Ice Towel (First aid set accessories)
First aid

Quick Aid Fresh Ice Towel

First aid set accessories


8. Care Plus professional

The Care Plus First Aid Kit Professional is a set with bandages, sterile medical aids and a comprehensive first aid kit. The bag contains a second handy zipper pocket to take out, for example during day trips. The set also includes a medical explanation of the sterile aids, an infusion needle, basting thread and needle, a ventilation cap and a shatterproof thermometer. This combination set was developed for travellers in regions with moderate to poor hygienic conditions. It is excellent for tour guides and groups. 

Care Plus professional (First Aid Kit)
First aid

Care Plus professional

First Aid Kit


9. Ortovox First Aid Roll Doc

The article First Aid Roll Doc is best suited for . The product was manufactured by Ortovox. Target group are ladies and gentlemen.

Ortovox First Aid Roll Doc (First Aid Kit)
First aid

Ortovox First Aid Roll Doc

First Aid Kit


10. Zeller Present Medicine

This trendy medicine box made of high-quality metal keeps your medicine cabinet handy at all times. It has a division into 5 compartments and a removable metal insert. The medicine box is available in different colours and sizes. The medicine box comes without contents.

Zeller Present Medicine (first aid box)
First aid

Zeller Present Medicine

first aid box