Best Vanessa Beauty products in the Nail art + False nails category

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1. Vanessa Beauty Liquid Press Pumping Bottle Dispenser

Practical pump dispenser for cleaner, nail polish remover and other liquids. The dispenser allows exact dosing and makes everyday beauty life easier. Colour: black/transparent Dimensions: 12cm x 6cm Content: 200ml - Refillable with screw cap Material: plastic. Due to the precise dosage, the product is not wasted unnecessarily. 

Vanessa Beauty Liquid Press Pumping Bottle Dispenser (Artificial nails)
Nail art + False nails
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Vanessa Beauty Liquid Press Pumping Bottle Dispenser

Artificial nails

2. Vanessa Beauty Dotting Pens

With the Vanessa Beauty Dotting Nail Art Pens, the artistic design of natural and artificial nails is child's play. With these tools, you can quickly draw accurate patterns on your nails. The dotting tools are lightweight and fit comfortably in your hand, giving you a steady hand for unique and intricate designs and perfect nails with ease. You can easily apply rhinestones with the tips. 

3. Vanessa Beauty Nail varnish display 3 levels

For stylish presentation of nail polish in the studio or at home. The transparent shelf holds nail polish bottles and tins, which can be sorted in a space-saving and clear manner. With the two side parts, a secure stand is guaranteed. Whether the bottles are sorted by size or by colour, they are always within reach. Material: acrylic, transparent. Dimensions: 31 x 11cm. Supplied disassembled.