Nose hair trimmers

A nasal hair trimmer is a handy mechanical or electrical device that can be used to remove disturbing nasal hair and hair in the area of the ear or eyebrows. Trimming of beards is also possible.

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Panasonic - ER-GN30 (ER-GN30)

Philips - Series 5000 (NT5175/16)

Philips - NT3160/10 (NT3160/10)

BaByliss - E650E (E650E)

Zwilling - Haarschneider für Nase und Ohren

Remington - NanoSeries (NE3850)

Panasonic - ER-GN300 (ER-GN300)

Remington - NanoSeries Lithium (NE3870)

Remington - NE3150 Smart Hygiene Clipper (NE3150)

Tristar - TR-2587 (TR-2587)

Philips - NT5180/15

Moser - Senso Nasen- und Ohrenhaartrimmer (4900-0050)

Remington - NanoSeries (NE3455)

Wahl - 05640-1016 (05640-1016)

Wahl - 05640-616 (05640-616)