RC electric motors

The brushless motor, widely known as the brushless motor, is low-wear thanks to the absence of sliding contacts and therefore requires less maintenance. Due to their design, brushless motors are energy efficient and designed for high speeds. The electric motors are used, among other things, as high-performance drive motors for model vehicles, model aircraft and as motors for the rotors of RC helicopters and multicopters. 

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Hobbywing - Xerun Axe550 FOC Combo for Rock Crawler 2700kV

Team Orion - Combo NEON 550 (4P/2400KV/5mm shaft/R10SC WP 100A ESC)

Team Orion - Neon One BL Combo

Surpass Hobby - SURPASS 550 Brushed skewed armature 5 slot 12T 13400 RPM for Crawler

Hobbywing - Quicrun Crawler Brushed regulator

Team Orion - Vortex Ultimate Modified 540 4.5T

Arrma - BLX 2050KV 4074 3-6S 4-Pol

Traxxas - Titanium 550

Align - 850MX (490KV)

Hobbywing - Brushless-Antriebsset Xerun Axe550 FOC Combo 3300 kV

Hobbywing - QuicRun 3650 G2 Motor 13.5T

Absima - Brushed ESC 40A waterproof Crawler/Boat

Absima - Brushed ESC 40A waterproof Standard

HPI - Flux Mmh-4000kv Brushless Motor

Hobbywing - Ezrun Combo MAX10 SCT3660SL-4000KV SCT