Figurine playset

Figure game worlds include stables, horse ranches, farms and buildings for various Schleich and other figure game brands such as Fisherprice, Hape, Haba and Janod and Sylvanian Families. The game pieces are animals, with horses, cows and pets being very popular, or mythical creatures such as Smurfs or Heroes. The character game worlds are designed with great attention to detail and are suitable for many role-playing games. The play worlds include various accessories such as hay bales, feeding troughs and riding domes. Figure play worlds can be compared to doll's houses - they are designed for figures. 

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Schleich - Large horse farm with residential house and stable

Schleich - Large Dino Research Station

Polly Pocket - Small very big - Theme Park Backpack

Sylvanian Families - Townhouse with light

Schleich - Off-road vehicle with Dino outpost

Schleich - Horse farm with rider and horses

Schleich - Horse stable with accessories

Sylvanian Families - Adventure tree house

Schleich - Carriage for horse show

Polly Pocket - Unicorn Party Play Set

Schleich - Horse stall with Arab horses and groom

Schleich - Equestrian Café

Sylvanian Families - Caravan

Schleich - Veterinary practice with pets

Schleich - Mobile veterinarian with Hanoverian foal