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Convert just about any battery pack to 5V with VERTER - our fresh new
Buck-Boost power converter. VERTER can take battery voltages from
3-12VDC and output a nice 5V DC, which makes it a perfect universal
power supply for your portable project! Where Verter really shines is
when you have a battery or power range that can fluctuate a lot, or
you don't know what you'll end up using.

It operates smoothly over the 3-12V range, moving from a boost
converter (3-5V in) to a buck converter (5-12V in) on the fly. Please
note! This chip can do both, but it really works better as a buck
converter than a boost. If you need a full 500mA out, it will struggle
as it gets down to 3V and the output will sag to about 4.8V (which is
still within standard USB power specs).

Like our popular 5V 1A USB wall adapter, we tweaked the output to be
5.2V instead of a straight-up 5.0V so that there's a little bit of
'headroom' long cables, high draw, the addition of a diode on the
output if you wish, etc. The 5.2V is safe for all 5V-powered
electronics like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beagle Bone while
preventing icky brown-outs during high current draw because of USB
cable resistance.

The VERTER has at the heart a TPS63060 boost converter from TI. This
buck-boost converter chip can handle a wide range of voltages (3-12V)
and has some really nice extras such as power good output, 2A internal
switch, synchronous conversion, excellent efficiency, and 2.2MHz
high-frequency operation. Check out these specs!

* Synchronous operation means you can disconnect the output
completely by connecting the ENable pin to ground. This will
completely turn off the output
* 2A internal switch means you can get out 500mA from as low as 3V,
and at least 1000mA from inputs as high 12V
* On-board 500mA charge-rate 'Apple/iOS' data resistors. Solder in
the included USB connector and you can plug in any iPhone or iPod for
500mA charge rate. Not suggested for iPad (which really needs 1A
charge rate).
* Full breakout for battery in, control pins and power out
* 90%+ operating efficiency in most cases (see datasheet for
efficiency graphs), and low quiescent current: 5mA when enabled and
power LED is on, 20uA when disabled (power and low batt LED are off)

Great for powering your robot, Arduino project, single-board-computer
such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone from a wide variety of inputs. We
especially like it for use with 4 x AA batteries, which can range from
7V for fresh alkalines down to 4V for nearly-dead rechargeables.

Each order comes with one fully assembled and tested PCB, 2 pin
terminal block, and a loose USB A jack. If you are powering your
project from USB, solder the USB A jack in (a 3-minute soldering
task). If you would like to use a terminal block, pick up a 3.5mm 2pin
block from accessories and solder to the output spot where the USB
jack would go. The terminal block goes on the input side, so you can
easily connect and disconnect a battery pack. Or don't solder anything
in for a more compact power pack.


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Adafruit Industries Adafruit VERTER 5V USB Buck-Boost upto 1000ma Adafruit Industries Adafruit VERTER 5V USB Buck-Boost upto 1000ma