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New to our range: Magnetic construction sets by Geomag

Our range now includes the award-winning magnetic construction sets by Geomag. Build almost any geometrical shape with magnetism – fascinating, relaxing and exciting fun for all ages. All Geomag sets are made in Switzerland.

With Geomag, you can construct anything from a sphere to a large pyramid or a complex perpetuum mobile. The videos above will give you an idea of just some of the possibilities. All construction sets include manuals with the help of which your first constructions will be a guaranteed success. However, the sky’s the limit when it comes to putting together the magnetic rods, spheres and metal balls.

Which construction set best suits who?

For children

As the name suggests, the construction sets from the “Kids” series are ideal for children. They’re great for making entry-level constructions. These sets are recommended for kids aged 3+.

For adult beginners

This 100-piece model is a perfect beginner construction set for adults. It contains enough pieces to construct demanding creations and is suitable for children and adults aged 14+.

For adult pros

Experienced constructors and ambitious hobbyists will love larger sets like this 200-piece model. The more pieces the construction set contains, the more complex you can make the construction. This product is suitable for children and adults aged 14+.

  • Pro Color (200x)
  • Pro Color (200x)
  • Pro Color (200x)
CHF 54.–
Geomag Pro Color (200x)
Build almost any geometric shape with the power of magnets with this 200-piece magnet construction set!


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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Have fun constructing!

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