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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Makita DCG180Z

A professional cartridge gun for large quantities of sealants, adhesives and cartridges. With five speeds adjustable for different materials and widths of the output quantity. Ideal support for sealing and gluing. Supplied in carton without battery, without charger, without case. 

2. Wolfcraft MG 200 ERGO pressa a cartuccia

Wolfcraft MG 200 ERGO pressa a cartuccia
Sealant accessories
Quantity discount
10.50 per piece for 2 units

Wolfcraft MG 200 ERGO pressa a cartuccia

3. Cramer Fugen-Set

Professional silicone grout removal and easy grouting tool kit
Professional tool set for removing and re-grouting: A grout knife with one saw-tooth blade and two
scraper blades, for removing old silicone grout. 5 grouting tools with 16 profile variations. With sliding rails, for easy bridging of transverse joints. For clean joints and durable sealing. The sealant is applied without rinsing agent. This achieves a significantly better bond (prevents fungus from forming under the joint). Furthermore, missing areas can be reworked without having to remove the entire joint again. 

4. Wenko Sealing tape

The practical, white sealing tape is suitable for permanent sealing of shower, bathtub and washbasin. It is impermeable to water, strongly adhesive, resistant to ageing and easy to clean. It is resistant to cleaning agents and PVC-free. Due to the flexible carrier foam, unevenness in the substrate is evened out. 

5. Einhell TE-SG 18/10 Li

The Einhell TE-SG 18/10 Li-Solo cordless cartridge gun is the ideal addition to the basic range in the workshop, but also for the hobbyist's room and especially when regular repairs or major renovation and refurbishment work is on the cards. As a member of the flexible Power X-Change family and thanks to its slim design, the handy cartridge gun can be used wherever it is needed. The cordless cartridge gun is suitable for all commercially available 310 ml cartridges. The robust materials ensure durability even during adverse and regular use, while the soft grip ensures a firm, secure hold during operation. The cartridge gun has a maximum squeezing force of up to 2,000 N, an even picture results from the adjustable squeezing speed via an adjusting wheel and a pressure switch. The speed can be adjusted individually to suit the different materials and quantities being worked with. The retraction mechanism eliminates the need for dripping and sticking to surfaces on which the gun is placed. The high-intensity LED light provides optimum visibility of the application area, even in dark areas. Delivery does not include the battery and charger of the Power X-Change range, these are available separately, for example as a practical starter set. 

6. Wolfcraft Joint repair set

7. Makita DCG180ZX

Battery cartridge gun for 310 ml cartridges and 600 ml tubular bags. No subsequent leakage of the cartridge contents after loosening the circuit breaker. 5 speeds adjustable for different materials and widths of the output quantity. With bright LED. 

8. Bosch Professional GCG 18V-310

Battery-powered cartridge gun GCG 18V-310. The compact cartridge gun GCG 18V-310 offers battery-powered convenience for cartridges up to 310 ml capacity. Thanks to speed pre-selection with 9 speed settings and variable speed trigger, regulating the flow of material is a breeze. Enables fast work progress with 3.5 kN pressure force and a maximum feed rate of 8 mm/s even with viscous adhesives. Thanks to the tool's automatic reverse function, pressure on the push rod is terminated when the trigger is released. which prevents material from dripping or leaking. This cordless cartridge press is ideally suited for dispensing and sealing. It can be used with all types of sealant and adhesive cartridges. The tool is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System). Carton 

9. Wolfcraft MG 600 PRO

In order to offer professional users a maximum performance tool for processing all types of cartridge material, the MG 600 has been trimmed for power without compromise. With a squeezing pressure of 280 kg, it is up to any challenge, whether acrylic, silicone, adhesive, tough special sealants, construction chemicals or even bitumen. The strong feed mechanism with the hardened pressure rod ensures effortless power transmission. Intensive and long applications can be mastered with almost no signs of fatigue. Ideal for use on construction sites. 

10. Yato Foam gun YT-6741

Product advantages

- Particularly light: only 530 g

- Teflon coated

- Made of brass / stainless steel

Article description

Gun for the application of polyurethane


Product: YATO professional foam gun teflon-coated

Model: YT-6741

Brand: YATO

Weight: 0,53 kg

Material: brass, stainless steel

Surface: PTFE coating.