Best Sika products in the Silicone + Acrylic category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Sika products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Sika Sikasil-C

Sikasil C is a 1-component, neutrally curing silicone sealant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Sikasil C is suitable for sealing glass, metal, wood, acrylic, polycarbonate and ceramic tiles. Underground condition: Clean, dry, even, free of grease, dust and loose parts. Paint, cement skin and other weakly adhering parts must be removed. Sikasil C is supplied ready for use. After appropriate cleaning and substrate preparation, place the cartridge in a hand or compressed air gun and squeeze Sikasil C into the joints, ensuring that contact with the joint sides is ensured. Avoid air pockets. Use masking tape if sharp and very precise joint lines are desired. Remove the tape while the sealant is still fresh. For a perfect surface finish, smooth with a wetting agent. 

2. Sika Sikaflex-112

100 % transparent; Good workability; Good early strength; Low shrinkage during curing; Can be used on damp concrete

3. Sika SikaHyflex-402 Connection

1-component, moisture-hardening, elastic joint sealant for use in interior and exterior applications.
Outdoor area.

4. Sika Sikacryl-S

The solvent-free 1-component sealant on an acrylic dispersion basis can be painted over with acrylic dispersion as well as pasted over with wallpaper. In addition, rapid curing and high stability are guaranteed. The cartridge contains a filling quantity of 300 ml ready-to-use sealant. Sikacryl S is delivered ready for use. After appropriate cleaning and substrate preparation, place the cartridge in a hand or air gun and squeeze Sikacryl S into the joints and remove with a wet spatula within 15 minutes. If masking tape is used, remove tape while the sealant is still soft. Fresh uncured sealant can be removed with a damp cloth. Note: Sikacryl S is not suitable for joints that are permanently or frequently exposed to water, for sanitary joints, floor joints, for sealants on bare steel and glass sealants. We recommend painting the joints in exterior areas with exterior dispersion paint. Check compatibility with paint before use. Do not use on bitumen, rubber, EPDM and other materials containing soft materials. 

5. Sika BlackSeal-BT

Sika BlackSeal BT is suitable for the following applications: connection joints on chimneys, roof windows etc. Sealing of cracks and holes in most roofing - adhesive repairs on roofs and gutters - embedding of tiles, slates and flashing Joint sealing for gutters and downpipes- Adhering loose roofing felt. Adheres to many substrates such as concrete, roofing felt, lead, zinc, steel, masonry, etc. Does not require a primer- Ready to use, good application properties. Can be used on damp substrates. Contains polymer additives for improved adhesion. High solids content, excellent joint filling without shrinkage- Excellent weather resistance. 

6. Sika Sikacryl-150 white

Acrylic sealant cartridge à 300 ml

Sikacryl®-150 is a 1-component, stable, fast-drying sealant on an acrylic dispersion basis.
acrylic dispersion basis.

- For sealing connection joints with little movement on concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, fibre cement,
brick, plasterboard, aluminium, PVC and wood indoors.
Sealing of connection joints in the interior on window and door frames made of wood and plastic.
wood and plastic.
- For filling cracks in interior and covered exterior areas (not for permanent water exposure).

- Good workability
- Solvent free
- Paintable
- Good adhesion to many substrates
- Transportable at -10 °C (max.

7. Sika Sikasil C silicone beige

Construction + sanitary sealant cartridge à 300 ml

Sikasil® C is a 1-component, neutral curing silicone sealant for interior and exterior use.

8. Sika Sikasil C silicone

Sikasil® C is a 1-component, neutral-curing silicone sealant that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

9. Sika Sikaflex-111 Stick and Seal

1-component, solvent-free, elastic adhesive and joint sealant for most building materials in interior and exterior areas. Very good adhesion and compatibility on many substrates. Also adheres to matt damp concrete. Sound- and vibration-resistant. Very low emission. 

10. Sika AnchorFix-1

Sika AnchorFix-1 is a styrene-free, solvent-free, 2-component, methacrylate ester-based anchor adhesive. As a fast curing anchor adhesive for all bonding of: Reinforcing bars, threaded steel, bolts and various other anchor systems, concrete, masonry (perforated and solid stone). The suitability of the Sika AnchorFix adhesive with regard to the desired adhesive strength as well as the yellowing of unprotected adhesive surfaces must be tested in advance on a sample surface. Due to the variety of possible substrates, anchor pull-out tests are essential for the following substrates: Hard natural stone, Uncracked rockAdvantages, Fast curing° Application with standard cartridge gun° Can also be used at low temperatures (down to -10 °C)° High load-bearing capacity° Stable even overhead° Styrene-free° Low odour° Small amount of waste (cartridge recyclable).