Best Holos products in the Indoor gardening equipment category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Holos products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Holos pH test strips

For pH measurement, pH range: 1 - 14 1 pack of 80 test strips pH-Fix indicator strips with chemically bound indicators are the standard for pH determination with test strips. 

2. Holos Vermiculite 10 litres

Additive for the improvement of potting and container substrates. For your plants at every stage of growth. * vigorous seedlings * healthy cuttings * joyful growth * improvement, loosening and temperature regulation of your cultivated soils. * A natural mineral. Germ-free and neutral (ph7). * Not only a soil loosener, but also a regulator of the water balance (stores several times its own weight in water). * To reduce waste when raising young plants * To reduce fertiliser and irrigation costs * To cover soil pots * To reduce black rot infestation. 

3. Holos Holo's plug-in labels

Stick labels for labeling in white. Content: 500pcs.

4. Holos Holos plant net elastic 120 - 150 cm

Suitable for growboxes with 120 x 120 cm and 150 x 150cm. The net is simply clamped in the growbox and helps the plants to stability and a uniform height. Fixed in the corners of the growboxes and prevents the plants from bending. - Creeper net to clamp the plants. 

5. Holos Perlite

Perlite is highly recommended for bedding young plants and cuttings, alternatively: vermiculite. Also suitable for loosening soil. Content per bag: 100lt.

6. Holos Cock

Tap for e.g. fertilizer canister. Without mess accurate dosing possible. For large openings.

7. Holos Holos plug-in label BLATT

Plastic labels for marking the seed. Length 15 cm.

8. Holos Holos Jumbo Drying Net

With the half-open drying net for hanging you can dry your plants gently and space-saving. Ideal for grow or dry boxes.

9. Holos Storage box 2

The boxes are made of food grade stainless steel. They are air and light tight containers that are lightweight and durable. This is the ultimate "storage container". Silicone gasket on lid ensures total water tightness. Lid can be re-labeled over and over again with a non-waterproof felt-tip pen. Boveda Pack Holders are specially designed to guarantee an airtight seal and completely maintain the freshness of the products. Containers are also stackable among each other in various sizes. 

10. Holos Holos Honey Bee Extractor

For the production of pure vegetable oil from plant residues with the help of butane gas. Color: may differ from the picture.