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1. Orno 3-phase electricity meter

Single-rate meter with LCD display and backstop, can be snapped onto top-hat rail, three-phase, accuracy class B, frequency range 50Hz, with LED function display.

2. Orno WE-521

Prietaisas, rodantis metriniais vienetais (kWh). Speciali elektroninė sistema, veikiama tekančios srovės ir taikomos įtampos, generuoja impulsus proporcingai suvartojamai elektros energijai. Fazės energijos suvartojimas rodomas mirksinčiu šviesos diodu. Impulsų skaičius paverčiamas sunaudota energija, o jo reikšmę rodo apšviestas LCD ekranas (5 + 1). Energijos matavimas atliekamas pagal standartus EN50470-1: 2006, EN50470-3: 2006, MID direktyvą 2014/32 / EU. 

3. Orno Stromzähler

The device for measuring measured values in metric units (kWh) is used for direct measurement of active power in a three-phase system. Special electronics generate pulses under the influence of the flowing current and the operating voltage, the level of which is proportional to the electrical energy consumed. The power consumption per phase is indicated by a flashing LED. The number of pulses is converted into consumed energy and its value is displayed on the LCD screen (6+2). Power supply: 230V~, 50Hz, basic current: 5A, max. current: 80A, min. current: 0.25 A, pulse frequency: 800 imp/kWh, accuracy class B, three-module wide housing, mounting on DIN TH-35 mm rail, pulse output: power supply 12-27 V, current ?27 mA, pulse = 80 ms. 

4. Orno OR-WE-514

ORNO OR-WE-514. Type: Électronique, Fonctions de mesure: Sortie d'alimentation, Couleur du produit: Blanc. Tension d'entrée: 230 V, Courant nominal: 5 A, Fréquence d'entrée AC: 50 Hz. Largeur: 18,2 mm, Profondeur: 72 mm, Hauteur: 95,3 mm. 

5. Orno OR-WE-518

ORNO OR-WE-518 Product colour: Black, Transparent, Material: Plastic. Width: 33 mm, Depth: 22 mm, Height: 47 mm. Quantity per pack: 1 piece(s).

6. Orno OR-WE-516

ORNO OR-WE-516. Type: Électronique, Application: A brancher, Fonctions de mesure: Sortie d'alimentation. Tension d'entrée: 230 - 400 V, Courant nominal: 5 A, Fréquence d'entrée AC: 50/60 Hz. Largeur: 72 mm, Profondeur: 66 mm, Hauteur: 100 mm. 

7. Orno Virone EM-2 Digital AC meter Single-phase energy meter, 40A, pulse output, 1 module, DIN

Orno Virone EM-2 Digital AC meter Single-phase energy meter, 40A, pulse output, 1 module, DIN
Energy monitors

Orno Virone EM-2 Digital AC meter Single-phase energy meter, 40A, pulse output, 1 module, DIN

8. Orno OR-WAT-435

ORNO OR-WAT-435. Plage de puissance: 150 - 276 W, Type d'écran: LCD, Type de commande: Boutons. Largeur: 70 mm, Profondeur: 77,2 mm, Hauteur: 149 mm.

9. Orno OR-WE-507

ORNO OR-WE-507. type: Electronic, Application: PlugIn insert, Measurement functions: Output power. Input voltage: 230 - 400 V, Rated current: 20 A, AC input frequency: 50/60 Hz. Width: 90 mm, Depth: 67 mm, Height: 128 mm. 

10. Orno ORWE521 Alternating current meter MID


Alternating current meter OR-WE-519 MID

Single-rate meter with illuminated LCD display and backstop for recording active consumption, display of
current, can be snapped onto top-hat rail, single-phase, accuracy class B (1), frequency range 50Hz, S0 interface 1000 pulses/kWh, display 00000.00 kWh, measuring range 0.25-40A, voltage range 230V, connection cross-section 6mm², temperature range -25°C to +55°C, width 18mm, IP51

Technical data

EAN: 5900378653035

Product group: Counter

Supplier article number: OR-WE-521

Version: certified

Power: 230V/40A.