Best Do it + Garden products in the Artificial plants category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Do it + Garden products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Do it + Garden Caladium en pot

Il Caladium in vaso di Do it + Garden è una bellissima pianta artificiale che aggiungerà un tocco di verde e di vita alla tua casa. Con una lunghezza di 30 cm, questapianta è perfetta per essere posizionata su una mensola, un tavolino o un mobile. Grazie alla sua naturale bellezza, sembrerà quasi una pianta vera e sarà un'ottima alternativa per coloro che non hanno il pollice verde o non hanno il tempo di prendersi cura di una pianta vera. Il Caladium in vaso è realizzato con materiali di alta qualità e ha un aspetto realistico, con foglie verdi e bianche che sembrano appena colte dal giardino. Aggiungi un tocco di natura alla tua casa con il Caladium in vaso di Do it + Garden. 

2. Do it + Garden Ranunculus

The ranunculus decorative branches from Do it + Garden are the perfect choice for adding a natural and fresh touch to your home. With a length of 65 cm, they areideal for use in various rooms, whether in the living room, bedroom or office. The delicate flowers in bright yellow and soft pink give any room a warm and inviting atmosphere. The branches are made of high-quality material and carefully crafted to ensure durability. They are also perfect as a gift for friends and family who have a penchant for natural decorations. The ranunculus decorative branches are versatile and can be placed in a vase, as part of a floral arrangement or as an accent in a basket. They are easy to care for and require no watering or sunlight, making them a practical yet beautiful choice. Bring the beauty of nature into your home with the ranunculus decorative branches from Do it + Garden and create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. 

3. Do it + Garden Eucalyptus

Le Eucalyptus de la marque Do it + Garden est un magnifique branche décorative qui apportera une touche de nature à votre intérieur. Measuring 76 cm in length, thisbranchage is ideal for adding a touch of verdure to your decoration. Fabriqué à partir de véritables feuilles d'eucalyptus, ce produit apportera une ambiance apaisante et relaxante à votre maison. Parfait pour les arrangements floraux ou simplement pour être placé dans un vase, ce branche décorative ajoutera une touche de fraîcheur à n'importe quelle pièce. Offrez-vous un peu de nature avec le Eucalyptus de Do it + Garden. 

4. Do it + Garden Pianta Realtouch

The Realtouch plant from Do it + Garden is the perfect choice for anyone who wants an easy-care yet lifelike plant. With a length of 76 cm, it blends harmoniouslyinto any room and gives it a natural atmosphere.

Thanks to the innovative Realtouch technology, the artificial plant feels as real as a real plant. It is made of high-quality material and impresses with its detailed design. This means you can enjoy a deceptively real plant without having to worry about watering or its location.

The Realtouch plant is versatile and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is UV-resistant and therefore does not fade even in direct sunlight. It retains its shape and colour even in rain or wind.

Thanks to its easy-care properties, the Realtouch plant is the ideal choice for anyone who has little time or no green fingers. It requires neither water nor fertiliser and remains beautiful and green all year round.

5. Do it + Garden Mother-in-law's tongue in rattan vase

The mother-in-law's tongue in a rattan vase from Do it + Garden is the perfect addition to your home. The artificial plant is 48 cm long and comes in a stylish rattanvase. It adds a natural and cosy atmosphere to any room. The mother-in-law's tongue is easy to care for and requires no water or sunlight. It is therefore ideal for people with a busy lifestyle or for rooms that do not receive much daylight. The high-quality finish and realistic appearance make this artificial plant a real eye-catcher. It is durable and will give you pleasure for a long time. The mother-in-law's tongue is also a great gift idea for friends and family. Bring a piece of nature into your home with the mother-in-law's tongue in a rattan vase from Do it + Garden and create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.