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Self-watering systems for anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb

Your plants are in a sorry state? Whether you were on a holiday, forgot about them or simply couldn’t be bothered, your plants are sure to shrink or even die if you don't water them correctly. But watch out, they don’t like too much water, either. That’s why automatic watering systems are so handy. Let’s have a look at five solutions.

Sometimes I wonder why my plants are still alive. Either they’re extremely low-maintenance, overly loyal or I’m lucky. What’s sure is that I don’t have a green thumb. Much unlike my mum; she once managed to revitalise my orchids after I’d given up on them and had already thrown them away. She adopted and repotted them and shortly later, they’d started to grow new roots and buds. They’re still alive today. I always forget to water my plants. I tried setting a reminder on my phone, but it didn’t work. I pressed «Remind me later» again and again and eventually deactivated it all together. I guess I’m also a bit lazy when it comes to caring for my plants. But I don’t want to go without them; plants make your home look beautiful and they spread a sense of vitality and a good vibe.

You have a green thumb?

Check out these tips and tricks for manual watering (in German):

<strong>Bewässerung</strong> von Wohnungspflanzen!
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Bewässerung von Wohnungspflanzen!

You’re forgetful, lazy or away a lot?

Here are five self-watering solutions that will make yourself and your plants happy. You’ll still need to repot and care for them, but watering them is a piece of cake with these systems.

Solution no 1: the expensive pot

This smart pot takes care of your home plants. It’s equipped with sensors that monitor light, temperature, soil moisture and fertiliser levels and it gives your plants just the right amount of water at the right time – taken from the built-in 2.2 l water tank. Your plants will never get too little or too much water again. Parrots’ Flower Power Pot ensures up to a month of unattended care for your plant. All you need to do is fill the tank with water. That’s it. There’s an Android and iOS app that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, lets you select your type of plant and sends you advice on how to best care for your green friend.

Flower Power Pot plant sensor
CHF 149.–
Parrot Flower Power Pot plant sensor
The smart flowerpot that takes care of your plants! The integrated sensors monitor the four most important parameters for optimum plant growth: soil moisture, fertilization, temperature and light irradiation.


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Solution no 2: the inexpensive system

Blumat’s solution is an automatic watering system that dispenses the right amount of water that your home plants need. Once your plant is dry, water is sucked in along a thin tube from a receptacle (next to the pot) and released to the plant through a clay cone. This self-regulating system works as long as the clay cone is positioned so that it is above the water level in the receptacle. Raising or lowering the height of the receptacle raises or lowers the amount of water released.

Watering system
CHF 16.30
Blumat Watering system
3 automatic water dispensers for independent watering!


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Solution no 3: the holiday watering set

Gardena’s watering set provides automatic irrigation for up to 36 pot plants and is immediately ready to use, making it ideal for anyone who travels a lot. Water is pumped from a vessel to the plants by the means of so-called drip distributors. These come with three water supply quantities, making requirement-based watering possible. The set includes an integrated timer, so you can enjoy your holidays and let your watering system take care of your plants.

Holiday watering set
CHF 90.–
Gardena Holiday watering set
Automatic irrigation of up to 36 potted plants: The water is pumped out of a container with the included pump and supplies the plants with water via drippers.


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Solution no 4: the bottle adapter

If your laziness or forgetfulness isn’t that bad, you might want to try this bottle adapter system. Take a 0.25 litre to 2 litre plastic bottle, fill it with water, attach a ceramic cone adapter to it, insert the cone into the potting soil and the water will slowly and continuously flow through the porous cone. This isn’t the most elegant solution, as you’ll have a plastic bottle sticking out of every flower pot, but it’s an easy short-term solution. If the plastic bottles don’t bother you or you paint them in nice colours and patterns, this can even be a long-term solution for your watering problem. You’ve set up this system with painted bottles? We’d love to see a picture! Maybe Bördy or Hydro Crystal Aqua are for you?

Bottle adapter (set of three)
CHF 12.90
Blumat Bottle adapter (set of three)
A practical irrigation system!


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Solution no 5: delegate the work

If you find these solutions too expensive, complicated or time-consuming, you have two options: go without plants or find someone who’s happy to look after them for you.

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