Best products in the Bike backpack accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Evoc Hydration Bladder 2L Insulated

Easy to clean, insulated and comfortable to use drinking bladder. The BPA- and PVC-free bladder with insulated tube, thanks to 20% more water flow, ensures that action in the snow does not become a dry spell. 

2. Evoc Hydration Bladder

Easy to clean and comfortable to use drinking bladder. The robust drinking bladder for the backpack does not require BPA or PVC. The easy-to-remove tube and valve provide 20% more water flow. 

3. Camelbak Crux

More water means better performance. The brand new Crux Reservoir offers 20% more water per sip. Easy to refill thanks to the ergonomic closure. The On/Off mouthpiece prevents water from escaping. 

4. Camelbak Mouthpiece

Easy to use - just bite and drink. The patented Big Bite valve mouthpiece allows hands-free drinking and is ideal for stressful situations. The self-closing mouthpiece prevents annoying drops after each pull. 

5. Camelbak thermal

Insulated drinking tube with Quick Link System.

6. Evoc Bite Valve

Mouthpiece for the drinking tube. Self-closing silicone stream. Valve mouthpiece. Leak-proof closure against leakage of the liquid. Tasteless material for unadulterated enjoyment. 

7. Coocazoo Rain cover, Berry

To protect the backpack and contents from dirt and moisture. Increased traffic safety thanks to large reflective print. Simply put over the school backpack, fastening by means of elastic. Attachment option for the coocazoo LED safety clip light. Suitable for coocazoo school backpacks. 

8. Evoc Helmhalter

Separate helmet holder for touring and full face helmets. For all EVOC backpacks with Helmet Holder loops.

9. Evoc Hip Pack Hydration Bladder

The leak-proof drinking bladder with flexible hose and bite valve, can be easily and completely cleaned and goes on tour without any harmful substances.

10. Bradas Water canister 20L with tap

* for the storage of drinking water.
* certified materials for contact with food 20 litre water canister with tap, ideal for storing drinking water. The solid
material guarantees high impact resistance.

A useful tool for the trip with the camper, camping or the trip outdoors wherever access to drinking water is limited or impossible.

Canisters and accessories are made of certified materials and have the necessary tests and certificates for contact with food.


- Height :485mm

- Bottom: 375 x 160mm

- Empty weight: 900g.