Top-rated products in the Bike backpack accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Camelbak Crux

More water means better performance. The brand new Crux Reservoir offers 20% more water per sip. Easy to refill thanks to the ergonomic closure. The On/Off mouthpiece prevents water from escaping. 

2. Evoc Hydration Bladder

Easy to clean and comfortable to use drinking bladder. The robust drinking bladder for the backpack does not require BPA or PVC. The easy-to-remove tube and valve provide 20% more water flow. 

3. Platypus Big Zip EVO

Extra high quality, feature rich and tasteless hydration bag. As the latest development of tasteless drinking water supply, the Big Zip EVO offers a 50% higher flow rate compared to the previous BigZip LP and is therefore ideal for backpackers, hikers and mountain bikers. Extensive improvements and new features make drinking water supply even easier. - Suitability: Backpack - Details: - Neutral taste as well as BPA-, BPS- and phthalate-free - Incorporated silver ions protect drinking water from mould and bacteria - Integrated hanging device and carrying straps make it easy to use in the backpack and elsewhere - Screw thread and 6.5 mm hose diameter ensure high compatibility with other caps and adapters - HyFLO rupture valve has a 30% higher flow rate - Type: hydration bladder - Weight: 160 g Dimension - Volume (l): 1.5 l. 

4. Deuter Streamer Thermo

If the bladder is inserted into the insulating thermal material, the drink is kept nice and warm in winter or pleasantly cool in summer. The thermal bag for hydration bladders can be transported in the backpack or outside (on side loops). Hydration system not included. 

5. Evoc Hydration Bladder 2L Insulated

Easy to clean, insulated and comfortable to use drinking bladder. The BPA- and PVC-free bladder with insulated tube, thanks to 20% more water flow, ensures that action in the snow does not become a dry spell. 

6. Platypus Hoser

Particularly lightweight and tasteless minimalist drinking bag with high flow rate. How to improve on a classic tasteless hydration pouch? With a self-sealing bite valve that has a 30% higher flow rate than from Platypus previous Hoser, while retaining previous features like light weight and minimalist design. Weight-conscious backpackers will especially appreciate these advantages. - Type: hydration bladder - Weight: 91 g - Suitability: backpack - Details: - Taste neutral as well as BPA, BPS and phthalate free - Semi-rigid divider keeps the bag open and ensures faster drying - Incorporated silver ions protect drinking water from mold and bacteria - High-mounted quick release closure on the hose facilitates fast filling and emptying - Leak-proof closing valve and an 8 mm hose diameter contribute to a faster flow rate Dimension - Volume (l): 1.5 l. 

7. Evoc Bite Valve

Mouthpiece for the drinking tube. Self-closing silicone stream. Valve mouthpiece. Leak-proof closure against leakage of the liquid. Tasteless material for unadulterated enjoyment. 

8. Wowow Bag Cover 2.2

Details: Reflective surface: 560 cm². 100% waterproof with taped seams. Reflective label for Multilight or Magnetlight. Two adjustable elastic straps. For backpacks up to 35 litres. 

9. Coocazoo Rain cover, Yellow

To protect the backpack and contents from dirt and moisture. Increased traffic safety thanks to large reflective print. Simply put over the school backpack, fastening by means of elastic. Attachment option for the coocazoo LED safety clip light. Suitable for coocazoo school backpacks. 

10. Mammut Add-on Pocket 1 L

Robust, foam-padded outer pocket for quick attachment of additional volume. Thanks to vertically and horizontally running fastening loops, it can be used universally on almost all backpacks and bags or individually on short trips. - Purpose: universal use - Material: 300D Polyester Ballshadow - Weight: 80 g - Function: Add-on outer pocket for rucksacks and bags - Volume: 1000 ml - Dimensions: 12 x 19 x 4 mm - Details: - Large access through 2-way round arch zipper that can be opened all over.