Outdoor backpacks

Here you will find the right outdoor backpack for every adventure and activity in nature.
If you are planning a day trip where you reach your destination on the same day, you usually want to hike with
light luggage. A daypack with a volume of up to 30 litres is sufficient. You can also use these daypacks comfortably in everyday life.
For a tour where you plan one or more overnight stays along the route, you will need a larger outdoor backpack. Hiking and trekking backpacks with a packing volume of up to 50 litres are suitable for this purpose.
For trekking tours, backpacking trips or expeditions lasting several weeks, we recommend hiking backpacks with a volume of about 60 to 100 litres.

What rucksack features do you need to consider when buying?
- Pack volume: As mentioned above, the appropriate volume depends on the type of hike or trip you are planning. Depending on whether you are planning a day trip, a route including overnight stay(s) or a trip lasting several weeks, you will of course need less or more storage space in your rucksack.
- Fit: Make sure that the different back systems, hip and shoulder straps can be adjusted to your individual needs such as body size and back length.
- Access and attachment: The backpacks are accessible in different ways. Either from above, from below or from the side. They also offer you various possibilities for fixing additional equipment.
- Accessories: With rain covers, hydration, packing and compression systems you can optimally upgrade your outdoor backpack.

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