Bike backpacks

The bicycle backpack solves the supply problem on long bicycle tours: You can stow drinks, food and other important utensils in it. A cyclist needs a rucksack with a slim, aerodynamic shape so that the rucksack does not slow him down during the ride. An important purchase criterion should be the size and volume of the bike backpack. Depending on your needs, you can also buy bicycle backpacks that are compatible with a drinking system. Some biker backpacks are also equipped with integrated protectors to protect you in the event of a fall. Some bicycle backpacks also have rain protection. An important detail is the back ventilation system: thanks to it you don't sweat unnecessarily while driving. A clearly structured range of subjects helps you not to lose track of your belongings. For freeriders it is important that protectors and the full-face helmet can be attached to the backpack.