Activity tracker accessories

In our Onlineshop you find Activity Tracker accessories for your Fitness Tracker. If you are looking for a new bracelet or charger cable or a replacement charger cable or charger terminal, you'll find it here.

Activity Tracker accessories are available for the brands fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Samsung and others.

We have many wristbands to replace if your previous wristband breaks or bores you. Choose an Activity Tracker bracelet made of plastic, leather, fabric, etc. to add a little variety to your everyday life. Particularly popular are Mi Band bracelets or those for the Garmin Vivofit Jr. range.

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fitbit - woven band (Charge 4, Batch 3)

Topp - Spare bracelet (Batch 3)

Topp - Replacement wristband for FitBit Charge 2 (Batch 2)

Topp - Replacement wrist strap for Fitbit Charge 2 (Batch 2)

Xiaomi - Bracelet (Mi Volume 3, Mi Band 4)

fitbit - Clip (Inspire)

fitbit - Sports Band (Charge 4, Batch 3)

Garmin - Bracelet (Vivofit Jr. 2, Vivofit Jr. 1)

Samsung - Sports Band (Galaxy Fit)

Xiaomi - Bracelet (Mi Volume 5)

fitbit - Print replacement bracelet (Ace 2)

Garmin - Bracelet (Vivofit Jr. 2, Vivofit Jr. 1)

fitbit - charging cable (Batch 3)

Polar - exchangeable bracelet (A360, A370)

Garmin - Bracelet Minnie Mouse (Vivofit Jr. 2, Vivofit Jr. 1)