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New electric cars on Galaxus: Estrima’s Birò

Another electric car on Galaxus? Exactly! We’ve added the ultra-compact Birò by Estrima to our range.

Compact, eco-friendly and silent

Small, manoeuvrable and eye-catching: Estrima’s Birò is sure to make heads turn. This electric car was specially developed for seniors and elderly people and to travel in the city. Measuring 1.74 × 1.06 × 1.56 m and weighing 450 kg, the Birò is small enough to find a parking space everywhere. It's available in two speed versions: To cruise at 45 km/h, you need a category F, B or B1 driving licence; the 10 km/h version doesn't require a driving licence. With the latter, you're even allowed to drive on pavements and in pedestrian zones.

  • Biro Remove (45km/h)
  • Biro Remove (45km/h)
  • Biro Remove (45km/h)
CHF 15 290.–
Estrima Biro Remove (45km/h)
Birò, the first 100% electric, 4-wheel commuter with removable battery.


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  • Biro Remove (10km/h)
  • Biro Remove (10km/h)
  • Biro Remove (10km/h)
CHF 15 990.–
Estrima Biro Remove (10km/h)
The 10 km/h version is ideal for the elderly and people with impaired physical mobility.


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The easy Re-Move system

The unique feature of the Birò is its removable lithium-ion battery. This battery with a capacity of 53 Ah / 2.7 kW/h is easy to remove from the rear of the car thanks to a special system: It's equipped with wheels and a long handle. Simply lift it out and take it to any 230 V socket to recharge – to your house, your office or wherever is most convenient to you.

Handy features

With a fully charged battery, the Birò can travel up to 40 km. This electric vehicle with rear-wheel drive is powered by a 4 kW / 5.4 hp electric motor. A built-in boost lever gives you that extra bit of acceleration for moving off or travelling up slopes with up to 20% gradient. There's enough space for two people and some hand luggage – and you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view from the large safety windows. Roof and rear window can be opened for better ventilation. The Birò also features a 3 mm steel safety frame, four hydraulic disc brakes, 12V power connection and a reversing buzzer.

Purchase and delivery

45 km/h version: After you place your order, our supplier will get in touch with you. You can choose your preferred insurance company and the supplier will contact this insurance in cooperation with a broker. You are responsible for taking out insurance yourself; the supplier will ask the respective insurance company for a confirmation of the contract. The supplier will make sure your car is registered correctly with the Road Traffic Office and will then arrange a delivery date with you.

10 km/h version: The supplier will get in touch with you and arrange a delivery date. Your vehicle doesn’t need to be registered with the Road Traffic Office.

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Daniel Feucht, Zurich

  • Category Marketing Specialist
Surfing lonely point breaks in Marocco or speeding down the «Never End Trail» in Laax’s bikepark? Catching waves in the river Reuss or pulling off backflips over dirt jumps? Having these two main hobbies means there’s no such thing as bad weather. Today, I leave freeride and slopestyle contests to the young, wild and rubber-boned generation and focus on organising contests with my club in bike park Rüti. As Category Marketing Specialist for our bike range, I’m lucky enough to live my passion every day at work.


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User amohr102

Wollt ihr nicht mal den Tesla S ins Sortiment aufnehmen :-)

User RaCo

Ich werde niemals ein E-Auto kaufen weil die genau so CO2 (ge)braucht haben wie ein normaler Benziner auf ca200'000km

User RaCo

Ich werde niemals ein E-Auto kaufen weil die genau so CO2 (gesagt)braucht haben wie ein normaler Benziner auf ca200'000km