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Blue snow and high-contrast goggles: the magic of the slopes

The sky is the limit! When you’re on the top of a mountain and blinded by the sun and the snow, this might feel nice, but it can also be annoying. How can you avoid this and what does blue snow have to do with it? Read on to find out.

Ella Vivid (Berry Mountain Division, Vivid Copper)
Giro Ella Vivid (Berry Mountain Division, Vivid Copper)


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You’ve arrived at the top of the mountain, have got off the ski lift and are ready to race down the slope. However, the sun and the snow are blinding you and as much as you squint, all you can see is white. Has this ever happened to you or are your skiing googles just not comfortable? If so, you might want to think about getting new ones.

Most skiing goggles filter out blue light in an attempt to give you the best possible sight. The brand «Giro» have set out to revolutionise skiing goggles an help anyone who’s experienced the situation described above. They tested and refined their invention for centuries – as they say – and found that the problem isn’t blue light, but the snow. In fact, snow isn’t white, it’s blue. It just looks white to us. Having discovered this, Giro partnered up with ZEISS Optics to come up with the perfect lenses. The result: Giro Vivid, skiing goggles that filter out harmful UV light, produce greater contrasts and reduce the strain on your eyes. This might sound complicated, but all that happens is that the blue reflection coming off the snow is manipulated by the lenses. As a result, the light doesn’t blind you and you can race down the slopes with full visibility.

You can see this special effect here:

Your view without Giro Vivid goggles

Your view with Giro Vivid goggles]

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