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  • Pulse Optical Lens -2.5 (banner)
  • Pulse Optical Lens -2.5 (banner)
  • Pulse Optical Lens -2.5 (banner)
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Speedo Pulse Optical Lens -2.5 (banner)

Question about Speedo Pulse Optical Lens -2.5 (banner)

User Joel Staub

I'm not sure what your question is but if you want to order the Speedo Pulse Optical Kit and an Optical Lens here are the links for the products: Speedo Pulse Optical Kit (Transparent) & Speedo Pulse Optical Lens -3 (Transparent)

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User Anonymous

My question is if you order two individual lenses or is it one pair. I think you have to order one lens per eye (meaning 2 x Optical Lens). Thanks very much for your help.

User Yoloel

You're right, the lenses are sold seperatly so you can customize your prescription.


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