Yoghurt makers

A yoghurt appliance, sometimes also called a yoghurt machine or yoghurt maker, is a kitchen appliance for the production of yoghurt in the household. This is a heating device that is equipped with several glass bottles of milk and yoghurt cultures. These are heated slightly for several hours to allow the yoghurt cultures to mature. 

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TTM - Lagrange Yoghurt Maker Digital

My Yo - Joghurtbereiter stromlos

Steba - JM 3

Rommelsbacher - JG 80

Ariete - ARI-615

Steba - Yoghurt Glasses JM 3

Steba - JM 1

Lagrange - LA-439001

Severin - JG 3519 Yoghurt fix

Cuisinart - YM400E

Moulinex - yogurteo

Rommelsbacher - JG 40

Steba - JM 2

Cuisinart - YM400E Vorteilsset

efbe-Schott - TKG YM 1003