Best Kärcher products in the Vacuum cleaner + Cleaner accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Kärcher products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Kärcher Carpet cleaner RM 519

Liquid detergent with quick-drying formula for occasional cleaning. Suitable for carpets, carpets, upholstery, car seats etc. Advantages: Particularly fast drying and cleans thoroughly. (1 Liter) 

2. Kärcher RM500

Experienced housewives and househusbands know: Glasreiniger does not only clean windows. That is why this concentrate for the Kärcher window vacuum cleaner will certainly be used more often by you. This is because grease, stubborn dirt and other residues can be removed from all smooth, waterproof surfaces with excellent material protection. Without stripes or tedious scrubbing. 

3. Kärcher Battery charger

The charger for the Kärcher battery window vacuum cleaner (WV) and the battery wiper (KB). Is also required/used for the charging station of the WV 5.

4. Kärcher RM 503 Glass cleaner

Window cleaner concentrate for streak-free cleaning of all waterproof, smooth surfaces such as glass, windows, mirrors, shower cabins, etc. Allows rain to run off more quickly and delays re-contamination. 

5. Kärcher Window nozzle

With the window nozzle, glass surfaces can be cleaned easily and streak-free with the steam cleaner. This not only expands the range of applications for Kärcher steam cleaners, but also ensures completely clean windows and mirrors. 

6. Kärcher Vlies WD 2 Plus/3 4ST

Kärcher Filter Bag Fleece for WD2 Plus / WD 3 (4 pieces)Four tear-resistant fleece filter bags with high dust retention -suitable for Kärcher WD2 Plus / WD 3 -contents: 4 pieces. 

7. Kärcher Microfibre coatings Hand nozzle

Ideal for particularly heavy and stubborn soiling in bathrooms and kitchens. Even heavy impurities on the hob can be easily removed. Thanks to the integrated elastic band, the attachment to the hand nozzle as well as the removal is child's play. It also ensures an ideal hold of the coating on the hand nozzle during cleaning. 

8. Kärcher Microfibre cloth set EasyFix

For excellent and hygienic cleaning results on hard floors - even corners and edges are cleaned effortlessly. Thanks to the Velcro system, the microfibre floor cloth can be attached quickly and easily to the floor nozzle for the steam cleaner: simply press the floor cloth onto the EasyFix floor nozzle and that's it. After cleaning, the microfibre floor cloth can be removed from the EasyFix floor nozzle without coming into contact with dirt: simply step on the foot flap attached to the cloth and pull the floor nozzle upwards. 

9. Kärcher Washing nozzle for upholstery cleaning

Hand-guided washing nozzle for spray Hextaktiongeräte. Ideal for cleaning upholstered furniture such as armchairs, sofas, sofas and car seats. The working width is 110 mm. 

10. Kärcher Window cleaner concentrate RM 503

Delays re-contamination. Application: Kink the pack, place the concentrate in a spray bottle or window vacuum cleaner container and fill up with water (250 ml for spray bottle). 4 x 22 ml.