Best Eurom products in the Radiant heater category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Eurom products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Eurom Gas heater Outsider 2.000 W, usable with propane/butane mixture

This radiant heater is only suitable for outdoor use and not for indoor use or other closed rooms!

- Outdoor radiant heater - not suitable for indoor
- The lightweight frame and large handle make the Outsider easy to carry.
- this gas heater is ideal for camping or fishing trips
- the Outsider works on a gas cartridge with a propane/butane mixture (not included)
- the gas cartridge must have a screw coupling of type EN 417 7/16â€.
- the integrated oxygen sensor measures whether there is enough oxygen in the ambient air
- The flame protection automatically switches off the gas supply when the flame goes out.

Technical data:
Power: 2,000 W
Power levels: 2
Fuel: butane/propane mixture
Fuel consumption: 112 g/h
Connection: screw connection EN417 7/16â€
Max. pressure: 7.5 bar
Operation: Control panel
Ignition: Piezo
Housing material: metal, plastic
Dimensions: 191 x 338 x 394 mm
Weight: 4.3 kg

Item number: EUM322569
Shop number: 143750.

Eurom Gas heater Outsider 2.000 W, usable with propane/butane mixture
Radiant heater

Eurom Gas heater Outsider 2.000 W, usable with propane/butane mixture

2. Eurom Wave Heater Eurom Sani-Comfort 400 Watt with Wi-Fi

- Smartphone-operated bathroom radiator / towel dryer made of safety glass

- Incl. timer and weekly timer

- Thermostat

- Ready for immediate operation, incl.
cable and plug

- Max. Heat output: 400 W, suitable for rooms up to: 15 m³.

Eurom Wave Heater Eurom Sani-Comfort 400 Watt with Wi-Fi
Radiant heater

Eurom Wave Heater Eurom Sani-Comfort 400 Watt with Wi-Fi

3. Eurom Infrared heater Sani 400 Wifi, black

- Infrared heating, specially developed for the bathroom.
- the infrared radiation provides a wonderful direct heat
- two stainless steel holders for warming
- the heater can be controlled via the Eurom Smart App
- switch on the infrared panel before entering the bathroom or use the timer in the app
- several heaters can be connected to each other with the Eurom Smart App
- the overheating protection switches the heating off automatically if necessary

Technical data:
Line: 400 W
Input voltage: 220-240 V
Heating elements: carbon crystal
Operation: Eurom Smart App, control panel
Protection class: IP24
Material: glass, metal
Mounting type: wall mounting
Dimensions: 0.75 (10.5) x 48.1 x 83.5 cm
Cable length: 1.7 m
Weight: 8.6 kg

Item number: EUM350135
Shop number: 143779.

4. Eurom Electric Bathroom Heater 1,200 W

- Perfect for heating the bathroom
- the desired setting can be adjusted with the pull cord - there are two heating levels to choose from: 600 and 1,200
- splash-proof
- the quartz element quickly provides pleasant warmth

Technical data:
Power: 1,200 W
Input voltage: 230 V/50 HZ
Operation: cord pull
Mounting type: Wall mounting
Housing: metal
Cable length: 1.4 m
Weight: 1.7 kg

Item number: EUM351224
Shop number: 143524.

5. Eurom Heat Plug In

Mini radiant heater with ceramic element for direct connection to the power socket. Very suitable for camping. The ceramic element is less hot than the heating elements of other stoves, making the Heat Plug a safer stove. Features a thermostat, timer and overheating protection. 

6. Eurom Wall heating Mon Soleil 720

Eurom wall heater Mon Soleil 720 W.

7. Eurom Flame Theatre 9000

Eurom Flameheater 9000. Puissance de chauffe: 9000 W, Type de fuel: Gaz, Couleur du produit: Noir, Argent. Largeur: 800 mm, Profondeur: 800 mm, Hauteur: 2120 mm.

8. Eurom Radiateur soufflant céramique safe-t-shine 1000

That's why you should grab it: Especially in the cold season, we long for warm rooms. However, there are not always heaters everywhere. With the fan heater, tinkering in the craft room, screwing in the garage or ironing in the storage room is also possible at a pleasant temperature. Thanks to the integrated overheating protection, the device switches off automatically before it gets too hot. This means that the fan heater will not be damaged and there will be no short circuit or even fire. The small, compact device can be used in all rooms without any problems, the only prerequisite: a power socket. 

Eurom Radiateur soufflant céramique safe-t-shine 1000
Radiant heater

Eurom Radiateur soufflant céramique safe-t-shine 1000

9. Eurom Patio Spotlight Eurom Golden Shadow 2000 2000 Watt

The Eurom Golden 2000 Shadow is a patio heater with a 2000 Watt Golden Shadow lamp. This lamp emits less light than other lamps, but still provides a wonderful warmth on the terrace. This heat is hardly dissipated, which makes the Golden 2000 Shadow very suitable for a (semi-) open terrace. The Golden 2000 Shadow comes with a remote control that can be used on several heaters at the same time. 

Eurom Patio Spotlight Eurom Golden Shadow 2000 2000 Watt
Radiant heater
139.–was 149.–

Eurom Patio Spotlight Eurom Golden Shadow 2000 2000 Watt

10. Eurom HEAT and BEAT

This Eurom Heat and Beat patio heater is an ideal choice for use in the garden, on the terrace or in any other indoor or outdoor space.

With an output of 2000 watts,
this patio heating has an LED background light and can heat an area of up to 22 m². The terrace radiator not only emits a pleasant warmth, but also plays music via the integrated Bluetooth speakers, which you can connect wirelessly to your mobile phone or laptop. You can control the heating from your armchair with the free Eurom app and enjoy the music at the same time!

This terrace radiator has an IP protection class of IP65, and is therefore waterproof and can also be used on rainy days.

Assembly is very simple.