Best De'Longhi products in the Mobile radiators category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best De'Longhi products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. De'Longhi TRRS 0920

The TRRS 0920 radiator from DeLonghi has a 35% larger surface area compared to traditional models to provide better and more even heat distribution. Suitable for rooms up to 60 m³, it is flexible and ready to use thanks to the pre-mounted rollers. The room thermostat is used to set the temperature level and the TRRS 0920 radiator automatically maintains it. Thanks to the various safety devices, such as the safety thermostat and frost protection, the TRRS 0920 can also be left unattended. 

2. De'Longhi Delo Oil Radiator TRDX4102 2500 W bk

Delonghi TRDX41025E Dragon 4 Pro Oil RadiatorComfortable and durable oil radiator from DeLonghi -Long-lasting heat for rooms up to 75 m³ thanks to the long heat inertia of the oil inside the fins.Easy adjustment of temperature, timer and power with ergonomic rotary and toggle switches -Easy to move with soft, rubberised wheels, suitable for all floor types -Long-lasting heat for rooms up to 75 m³.Easy to move with soft, rubberised wheels, suitable for all floor types -Frost protection -LED indicator -Handle -Cable rewindLong-lasting heatThe heated oil inside maintains its temperature and provides long-lasting heat. Even after the appliance is switched off, the oil continues to give off heat for a while.Chimney designThe unique chimney design with special heating fins ensures that heat is quickly distributed throughout the roomIdeal comfortThe ECO Plus function intelligently selects the ideal comfort level based on the current room temperature and regulates the appliance to optimise energy consumption.Digital interfaceWith the digital control panel, you can set the desired room temperature, power level and automatic start/switch-off time in intervals from 00 h to 24 h. 

3. De'Longhi Convector HX 65L22

The Air Flow System allows particularly quiet and fast heat distribution due to a special fan. The ceramic heating element integrated in the convector provides a more durable, efficient and safe heat supply. 

4. De'Longhi HMP 2000

Long-lasting and uniform heat for rooms up to 60 m3. Noiseless heating and even distribution in the room. Easily set the desired temperature and manage power settings with control knobs. Easy transport of the unit with the built-in folding castors. 

5. De'Longhi Delo Radiator TRRS1225C gy

Suitable for rooms up to 75 m³.

De'Longhi Delo Radiator TRRS1225C gy (1100 W)
Mobile radiators
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De'Longhi Delo Radiator TRRS1225C gy

1100 W

6. De'Longhi HMP1500

Heat waves are modelled on the sun. Just like the sun, they do not heat air masses, but solid bodies (such as people or objects) in space. The heat is immediately where it is needed - and absolutely silently. Furthermore, thanks to their slim design, heat waves can be used free-standing. The slim modern design fits perfectly into any room. There is a choice of two power levels (750 and 1500 watts) to meet all needs. 

7. De'Longhi TRNS0808M Indoor Oil Fan Heater

Long-lasting heat\nProducing long-lasting heat as the heated oil inside maintains heat longer, allowing the heater to produce heat even when the unit is off.\n\nRotary dials\nThe dials allow you to effortlessly set the desired room temperature and give you full control over the temperature and power settings.\n\nReal Energy Technology\nMaximum energy use by steadily increasing heat until the desired temperature is reached, making home heating faster and cheaper. 

8. De'Longhi TRNS 0808M

Long lasting heat thanks to the long thermal inertia of the oil inside the unit. Long lasting and uniform heat for rooms up to 25 m³. Silent heating and uniform distribution in the room
Easily set the desired temperature and manage power settings and timers with the control buttons. The ultra-small radiator fits into any angle. This product is only suitable for well insulated rooms or for occasional use.

9. De'Longhi DE LONGHI TRRS 0715 C Radiator

DE LONGHI TRRS 0715 C Radiator (TRRS 0715 C).

10. De'Longhi HCM 2030

While maintaining the same performance level of traditional convectors, the HCM range has compact sizes, which makes it easier to place it in any room. Adjustable room thermostat, to select and maintain the desired temperature.