Best Neff products in the Extractor hood accessories category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Neff products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Neff Z51BIS1X1 Long Life Recirculation Set

NEFF Z51BIS1X1 Long Life Recirculation Set.

2. Neff Bosch Siemens activated carbon filter CleanAir 11034172, 11018621, 11010506

Bosch Siemens Neff Activated carbon filter CleanAir 11034172, 11018621, 11010506 for recirculation module 460 X 190 X 50 Replacement from 11010506 , 11018621Not sure if the item you found fits? Ask us directly, stating your appliance data. We will be happy to check the compatibility with your cooker bonnet.Scope of delivery: 1 piece. 

3. Neff Bosch Siemens Gaggenau Clean Air odour filter 20004001 11025806 LZ45610

Replacement of 11008216 11025806 LZ45610Replacement filter for recirculating cooker bonnets.Eliminates odours and prevents grease deposits on furniture, walls and appliances when replaced regularly.With a porous surface, the activated carbon filter safely absorbs odours through a high density of particles.Is only suitable for use in recirculation mode.It is recommended, depending on the type and airiness of cooking, to use the. 

4. Neff Z52JXP0X0 Cooker Hood Component & Accessories Filter for Cooker Hood

Neff Z52JXP0X0 Activated carbon filter Clean.

5. Neff Z52CBI2X4 Clean Air Standard recirculation set for island dinners

Neff Z52CBI2X4 Clean Air Standard.

6. Neff Z51ITI2X4 Starter set for recirculation operation for flat screen bonnets

Neff Z51ITI2X4 Starter set for.

7. Neff Z54TH60N1

Neff Z54TH60N1. Type: Handlebar, Color of product: Stainless steel, Material: Stainless steel. Brand compatibility: Neff. Quantity per pack: 1 piece(s).

8. Neff Bosch, Siemens, , Gaggenau Metal grease filters 00362380

Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau Metal grease filter 00362380Packaging unit: 1 piece 00362380 Replacement from 00351190.

9. Neff Z5159X1 afzuigkapaccessoire Houseware filter

10. Neff Z51ITI1X4 Starter set for recirculation operation for flat screen bonnets

Neff Z51ITI1X4 Starter set for.