Salad spinners

A salad spinner is a kitchen utensil used for separating surface water from washed salad. This makes the leaves more easy to dress with salad dressing (vinagrette).

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OXO - Good Grips (26cm)

GEFU - Rotare (25cm)

Zyliss - Swift Dry Salatschleuder

Zyliss - Easy Spin (20cm)

Leifheit - Salad spinner (28cm)

Westmark - Fortuna (26cm)

Zyliss - Easy Spin (26cm)

Emsa - Basic (28.50cm)

Emsa - Turboline (27cm)

Emsa - Turbo (29cm)

Zyliss - Easy Spin (20cm)

Leifheit - Salatschleuder (25cm)

OXO - Salat Set inkl. Schleuder u. Shaker, grün (27cm)

OXO - Salatschleuder, rund, gross, grün, 5.8 lt (26.70cm)

GEFU - Rotare (25cm)