Raclette grill accessories

Various accessories for raclette. Raclette is both a type of cheese and a Swiss dish based on heating the cheese and scraping off (racler) the melted part. In French, the word for the cheese is masculine, le raclette, whereas the word for the dish is feminine, la raclette. 

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Stöckli - Pfännchen

Tristar - Ersatzpfännchen

Trisa - Pfännchen 2er Set

Trisa - Set of 4 raclette pan holders

Nouvel - Potato bag Edelweiss

Stöckli - Crêpeplatte

Stöckli - PizzaGrill clay pans set

Spring - Pfännchen

TTM - Poêlon

Kela - Baar

Spima - Kartoffelsack

Nouvel - Raclettespachtel

Stöckli - Raclette und Grillzange

Tristar - Wok

Heidi Cheese Line - Kartoffelsack

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