Kitchen machine accessories

Expand the functionality of your food processor with practical accessories for brands such as KitchenAid, Kenwood and Bosch. With the accessories you can make pasta, ice cream or fruit juices, for example, and expand your food processor to fully meet your needs. To find the right accessories for your appliance, simply select your model from the "Compatibility" filter and you will then be shown our range of matching food processor accessories. 

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Kenwood - Slow Juicer KAX720PL

Kenwood - Auswurfraffel AT340

KitchenAid - Three-part noodle attachment

Kenwood - Adapter KAT001ME für Niedrigtourenanschluss

Kenwood - Pasta Fresca Vorsatz KAX910ME

Kenwood - KAH359GL

KitchenAid - glacé essay

Kenwood - KAH647PL

Kenwood - Gewürzmixer AT320A

Kenwood - Spiralschneider KAX700PL

KitchenAid - Classic

KitchenAid - Knethaken

KitchenAid - Spritzschutz

Kenwood - KAH740PL Blend Xtract Sport

Kenwood - Saftpressautomat

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