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Philips most advanced bag vacuum cleaner – reveals hidden dust

Vacuum cleaning should be fast, simple and thorough. This is precisely what Philips focused on when they developed the “Performer Ultimate”. Thanks to its plane shape, it offers a lay flat functionality that helps you reach under every bed. In addition, LED technology helps you vacuum under the sofa. Discover all new innovations and further highlights of this bag vacuum cleaner.

Innovative nozzle

The exclusive floorlight technology reveals hidden dust and sheds light on vacuuming under the sofa, in the broom cupboard or during those dark winter months. Thanks to the LED nozzle, you’ll get more thorough results. Thanks to its unique rubber flap structure the brushless nozzle delivers a tangle-free experience for no hair winding.

“Hepa13” filter

The filter purifies up to 99,95% of allergens such as pollen and dust mites. Certified as allergy friendly by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

“Airflow Max” technology

A unique ribbed profile inside the dust chamber maximizes airflow around the dust bag and a specially designed dust chamber capacity allows the dust bag to fully unfold uniformly – allowing you to use the bag until the end without losing suction power.

Eco-friendly performance

The Performance Ultimate is made from 1/3 recycled plastic and features an AAA energy label for energy-saving vacuum cleaning.

Ease of use

Thanks to the ergonomic remote control, power settings are right by your hand so you can easily switch between power settings to match the place and type of floor surface your vacuuming for more efficient cleaning. Another advantage of the remote control is that you don't have to keep reaching for the main unit. The intelligent auto on-off feature will automatically turn your vacuum cleaner on when in use and off when it is not.

  • FC8955/19 Performer Ultimate
  • FC8955/19 Performer Ultimate
  • FC8955/19 Performer Ultimate
Energy efficiency
CHF 424.–
Philips FC8955/19 Performer Ultimate
TriActive LED technology reveals hidden dust.


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