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Dirt Devil – AquaClean window vac

Dirt Devil by AquaClean makes streak-free cleaning so easy and effortless. It cleans windows, tiles, glass tables or showers.

1,2, DRY. And streak-free. This vac is highly versatile and lightweight.

With the new Dirt Devil window vac it‘s more than vacuuming. It sprays and wipes as well.

Dry windows and a wet floor? Not with the new AquaClean window vac. It doesn’t miss a drop! The flexible and ergonomic vacuuming head means it gets into every nook and cranny.

Whether you’re dealing with windows, tiles, glass tables or shower cubicles – the AquaClean window vac tackles all smooth surfaces, no matter how dirty.

No need for buckets, cloths or rubber gloves. Simply charge for 2 hours and the new AquaClean window vac is ready to go for 30 minutes.

The AquaClean window vac has a unique twin tank that provides the detergent on the one hand and collects rinse water on the other hand.

Aqua Clean DD400
CHF 50.–instead of 69.–1
Dirt Devil Aqua Clean DD400
1, 2, dry. And streak-free. This vac is highly versatile and lightweight.


  • approx. 6–8 days
    Currently > 5 piece(s) in stock at the supplier

If ordered immediately.
Information subject to change.

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Dirt Devil window vac video (in German):


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