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3-in-1 by Dyson: "Pure Hot Cool Link"

The four seasons in Switzerland make for a very diverse climate. We heat, cool and air our rooms to achieve a comfortable indoor climate. So how come there's no device that can do all that for us? Some time ago, the developers at Dyson were thinking the same thing and found the answer – the 3-in-1 "Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link".

1 Device, 3 Functions

Previously, separate devices were needed for cooling, heating and ventilation. With the Dyson invention "Pure Hot Cool Link", this is no longer necessary.

  1. The 360-Hepa filter ensures a comfortable indoor climate all year round without allergens and harmful substances. The active charcoal layer in the filter removes kitchen odours and even potentially harmful toxins such as paint fumes, for example.

  2. During the colder seasons, the "JetFocus" function allows you to choose between direct heat and the distribution function for even heating of a room.

  3. On warm summer days, the fan feature provides for a cooler indoor climate. Furthermore, in night mode, the air stream is reduced, which decreases the operating noise.

Dyson 360 Hepa filter with glass fibres

The filter with activate charcoal layer filters out pollen, allergens, bacteria, mould, industrial and automotive fumes, odours and vapours, pet skin particles and potentially harmful, microscopically small particles. Additionally, the filters are changed in just a few simple steps.

Intelligent Cleaning

The automatic cleaning mode and monitoring of the air quality data is available via the "Dysons Link App". You can also create a weekly schedule via the app so that your air purifier will automatically switch on at certain times as defined by you in the user-defined settings.

"JetFocus" Technology

Choose between focus function for direct heat or the distribution function to heat the room quickly and evenly. Use the app or the magnetic remote to set the target temperature for the room.

"AirMultiplier" Technology

The air is accelerated through a slit in the air ring. This is guided across a bevel that channels the direction of the airflow.

Night mode

The air purifier reduces the air stream at night to minimise operating noise. The LED display is also dimmed.

  • Pure Hot + Cool Link
  • Pure Hot + Cool Link
  • Pure Hot + Cool Link
CHF 484.–
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link
Purification all year round. Purifying fan, heater or fan when you need it.


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  • Basel: tomorrow at 12:30
  • Bern: tomorrow at 12:00
  • Dietikon: tomorrow at 13:30
  • Geneva: tomorrow at 14:00
  • Kriens: tomorrow at 13:00
  • Lausanne: tomorrow at 12:30
  • St Gallen: tomorrow at 13:00
  • Winterthur: tomorrow at 12:00
  • Wohlen: tomorrow at 11:00
  • Zurich: tomorrow at 12:15


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User Chankar

Haben Sie Erfahrungen gemacht mit dem Kühlen des Geräts? Eine Klimanalage muss ja die warme Luft irgendwie ausführen.

User Thomas Kunz

Hallo Chankar. Beim Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link handelt es sich nicht um eine Klimaanlage.
Die Ventilatorfunktion arbeitet jedoch sehr effizient und kann zudem im Nachtmodus mit geringerem Betriebsgeräusch betrieben werden. Weitere Kundenbewertungen findest du hier.