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  • Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9040S (6.70l)
  • Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9040S (6.70l)
  • Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9040S (6.70l)
CHF 909.–
Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9040S (6.70l)

Rating on Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9040S (6.70l).

User Anonymous
Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9040S (6.70l)

good product, bad warranty in switzerland

Good product but bad warranty in switzerland.

kenwood switzerland : 2 years
kenwood france 2 years + 1 free year extension* and lifetime long warranty on the motor* (*need a member card to register on "club cooking chef")
kenwood australia 10 years
kenwood germany seem to be 2 years and 10 years on the motor
kenwood england 5 years and 10 years on the motor

At least it's possible to have, for an additional fee, a 5 years warranty from Galaxus.
Emailed kenwood about this but they does not even answer.

To answer to the comments bellow :
As you can see next to my name bellow the comment it's written " (purchased this product)" that mean i have bought this product from galaxus, i even have bought the extended 5 years warranty.
Before i bought it i have call (2 time) kenwood switzerland to have more info about this weird warranty story, i was told each time that the robot only had a 2 years warranty and no extended warranty for the motor in switzerland. I had indeed a card inside to register on which grant me a free cooking book, but nothing about an extended warranty. I would love to be wrong and get a link where i can see something written about the 10 years warranty in switzerland because i was unable to find than anywhere on the swiss website.

Regarding their support, i have try to contact kenwood switzerland by email in december 2017, i got an automated answer but that it, i never got an answer to my emails. As i said this is only kenwood switzerland, kenwood UK answered very quickly to my questions. As you can see on google, kenwood switzerland support does not seem to be very popular either.

If i'm wrong please provide proof of the 10 years warranty and i will be pleased to edit my comment and give more star to this product.

Kenwood switzerland warranty :


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User Anonymous

seams you got it all wrong. If you buy one of these, there is a card inside where you can extend the Garantie to 10 years. So dont review something you have NOT bought in switzerland.

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