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1. Bye Bra Petal Nipple Covers

Because the nipple covers ensure that the nipples are not visible under clothing. This can be a good alternative if you wear clothes without a bra underneath. TheBye Bra nipple covers also protect the sensitive nipples, for example when tight clothing rubs too tightly against the nipples. The Petal Nipple Covers are also suitable for particularly sensitive or larger nipples. The Bye Bra Nipple Covers are made of high-quality silicone and can be reused up to 15 times. One side of the Nipple Covers is self-adhesive and the other side is pleasantly soft. The nipple covers offer a good fit and are also suitable for daily use. 

Bye Bra Petal Nipple Covers (One size)
Sexy lingerie: bras
Quantity discount
10.40 CHF per piece for 2 units

Bye Bra Petal Nipple Covers

One size

2. Bye Bra Lace it adhesive bra

With the clever Bye Bra Lace-it adhesive bra you can ensure a perfectly accentuated décolleté without your sexy outfit being affected by an annoying bra. The ByeBra Lace-it bra is ideal for clothes that show a lot of exposed skin, such as backless or off-the-shoulder clothes. Thanks to the adhesive bra, optimal support of the breast is ensured and this with high wearing comfort and hardly visible under clothing. The Lace-it Bra is easy to attach, remove and reuse because the adhesive bra is hand washable. Thanks to the drawstring you can easily adjust the bra depending on how voluptuous you want to present your cleavage. The Bye Bra Lace-it bra is seamless and adheres well to the skin without irritating it. The breasts are given a natural shape with good support. When properly cared for and used according to the instructions, the Bye Bra Lace-it adhesive bra can be reused up to approximately 25 times. Features Bye Bra Lace-it Bra at a glance self-adhesive bra - ideal for example for off-the-shoulder or backless clothing provides a supportive effect and gives a natural beautiful shape hand washable and reusable up to 25 times comfortable to wear and easy to use hand washable individual adjustment thanks to drawstring with novel adhesive technology developed gentle and harmless to the skin Material&nbsp 88% textile fabric 12% polyamide elastane and adhesive polyolefin-Gel Note The Bye Bra Lace-it adhesive bra should not be used on wounded or hypersensitive skin in case of scars or during pregnancy. 

3. Bye Bra Gala adhesive bra

Almost every woman knows this problem. As soon as you have found a suitable outfit, the bra destroys the back view or the low neckline. But with the products ofthe Bye Bra brand this problem is now a thing of the past. Bye Bra offers clever products that can be combined with your favourite clothes and offer support without affecting the sexy look. The Bye Bra Gala Bra is a particularly popular model because it shapes the breasts beautifully with a lifting effect. The weight of the breasts is distributed naturally so there is no artificial shaping. With the included push-up pads, there is also the possibility to set the breasts even more in scene. The Bye Bra Gala Bra is self-adhesive and ideal for clothing with a free back. When used correctly, the Gala Bra can be used up to 25 times. Application&nbsp The skin should be free of creams or oils. Then remove the protective foil of the Gala Bras and carefully place both cups on the breasts. Make sure that the push-up pads are in the right place. The adhesive wings are carefully and evenly attached to the sides of the breasts. Finally, press the cups and wings onto the skin to smooth the adhesive and ensure optimal hold. Contents 1 piece to be cleaned by hand wash only. Do not use on scars of sensitive skin or pregnancy. 

4. Bye Bra Body Tape 5m - Nude

Stretchy and breathable, the Bye Bra Body Tape feels like a second skin.
- Dermatologically approved & Hypoallergenic
- High quality and long-lasting adhesive
Sweat and water-proof
- Extra-wide
- Suitable for any cup size
- Available in 3 colors
- 1 roll 5cmx500cm

Tape:93%cotton 5% spandex,2% acrylic copolymer adhesive

One-size suitable for cup sizes A-F+

Care: Do not wash, do not bleach, do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not dry clean.

5. Bye Bra Invisible Bra Cup

The Bye Bra Invisible Bra shapes your silhouette under any strapless, backless, or halter outfit. The bra clings to the skin for support while providing freedomof movement and comfort, all thanks to its skin-like texture. With good care and following the instructions, the Invisible Bra can be worn up to 50 times. 

6. Bye Bra fabric pull-ups

Silicone cup-lifts and shapes, invisibly under clothing. Middle strap creates an additional cleavage. Can be reused up to 50 times.



8. Bye Bra Silk Nipple Covers

The nipple covers are made from a Henkel adhesive and are tested by SGS. The covers are comprised of an adhesive back side with a soft front side. These flower-shapedsilk nipple covers are perfect for daily wear. They conceal nipple protrusion, and will protect your nipples, regardless of whether or not you wear a bra. Nobody will know you are wearing them.The silk nipple covers are perfect for evening dresses, gala clothing, strapless outfits, T-shirts – clothing made from a more sensitive material, hence requiring a more discreet solution 



10. Bye Bra push-up pads

With the self-adhesive Bye Bra Push-Up Pads you can ensure a natural full bust. The nipple pads are virtually invisible under clothing and skilfully accentuate thecleavage. The adhesive Bio-Gel&nbsp on the outside ensures a good hold inside your favourite bra. The result is a perfectly shaped bust with a natural appearance. bsp Material 52% Polyester 48% Bio-Gel Content 1 pair of pads 2 reusable.