Garden stools

Garden stools are particularly practical as they can be used very flexibly. Be it as a classic stool to sit on or as a small table next to a deck chair or garden lounge. Thanks to their small size, they don’t disturb your garden and can be used as you want. They’re also extremely suitable for decorations such as garden pots or lanterns. The different price ranges serve all needs and vary according to material, size and quality. 

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Giardimo - Davao 2er Set

Allibert - Cube Hocker (mit Kissen)

Allibert - Cube Würfelsitz Ice Cube

Schaffner - Spaghetti Hocker zu Lounger

Mazuvo - Quadro

Mazuvo - Quadro

Applebee - Hawaii

Schaffner - Hocker Säntis zu Lounger

Schaffner - Spaghetti Hocker zu Lounger

Allibert - Cube Lounge Sitz

Koziol - Hocker Briq dunkelgrau

Zebra - Garden stool Pontiac Espresso

Zebra - Gartenhocker Pontiac Argenta

Zebra - Gartenhocker Pontiac Schwarz

Zebra - Gartenhocker Quadux