Bowls are like sand by the sea:
Breakfast bowls are particularly popular for mueslis or bowls. Here you can enjoy your latest Superfood in your favourite design.
In dessert bowls you serve fine desserts
from sweet to salty.
Soups or salad bowls are served with the starter.

There are no limits to design and material. Most bowls are made of ceramic, wood or glass.
The pattern can be plain or with small details in different colours.
The bowls of 58 products show a funny facial expression and make you particularly good mood.
Bowls are also a great gift idea.
Our most popular brands come from Scandinavia: Broste, Bloomingville, Nordal or house doctor always show the latest trends.

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Bloomingville - Kendra (17cm)

Rössler - Heidi (12cm, 1x)

house doctor - Rustic

Luminarc - Empilable

Alessi - Tonale (15cm, 1x)

house doctor - Made

Rice - Zig Zag (15cm, 1x)

Villeroy & Boch - Manufacture Rock (31.50cm, 1x)

Alessi - Tonale (15cm, 1x)

Rice - Leopard

Rice - Melamine Bowl (11cm, 1x)

Saturnia - Tivoli (13.50cm, 1x)

Bloomingville - Neri (14.50cm, 1x)

Bloomingville - Naomi (11.50cm, 1x)

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