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This heatable towel rack is at the top of the innovation ladder

«Hot» is not an adjective generally associated with a ladder. Unless you’re talking about the «Scaletta», that is. Scaletta means little ladder and is a heatable towel rack by Tubes Radiatori. Brace yourself for eight solid reasons why you should have one at home.

The brand Tubes Radiatori has found a gap in the bathroom market: Radiators. For years, this market has been dominated by uniform models but has now been high-jacked by the Italian brand. The refreshing design of the «Scaletta» is by Elisa Giovanni. At first glance, the wee ladder is plain. But a closer look reveals that it’s actually smoking hot! Its lowest rung features a little fixture for a power cable that will heat it.

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  • Scaletta
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This ladder is a little hottie because:

  1. it’s electrically heated.
  2. it’s essentially a designer piece that upgrades any wall.
  3. it provides storage surface.
  4. a plug and handy cable reel mean it’s mobile.
  5. is available in various colours and can be matched to suit your colour scheme.
  6. is made from lightweight aluminium.
  7. is customisable with a thermostat.
  8. last but least, it's made by a simpatico family business.

«La Famiglia» behind the Tubes Radiatori

The little ladder comes in many different colours and in two sizes.

The family-run business from Resana in the province of Treviso has been manufacturing different kinds of heating products since 1992. The expertise the firm acquired over the years from working in the field of thermohydraulics shows in their modern solutions for anything to do with heating – from radiators to valves. Unlike other radiator manufacturers, the Crosetta family pays attention to detail: multifunctionality, invisible welding seams and individual shapes and colours. We’ve had to put up with generic, bulky, yellowy-white radiators for long enough. But now the Crosettas have come to our rescue – grazie!

«I’m not very young, so in my house the kitchen was the heating. A place for cooking and warming the house. » Franco Crosetta in the short movie «The Circle. A Family Story.»

Tubes Radiatori upgrade any room. Each series impresses with a unique characteristic. «Origami», for example, features collapsible, mobile and heatable folding screens. The «Rift» series impresses with modular elements that can be assembled like pieces of art. And then there’s my favourite series «Trame». It features radiators shaped like dynamic fabric that looks different depending on your angle.


The only radiator Instagram account you’ll ever follow

Because the radiators are a massive hit among interior decorators (and rightly so!), they are often used for architecture projects. Their Instagram profile proves with every photo how beautiful radiators can be. Immerse yourself in the world of Tubes and discover all the other models by the brand here.

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