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Let’s celebrate: a new take on the scoreboard

What a happy occasion: Our favourite coat hook is growing up and has developed into a versatile beauty. The board is now also available in oak, the twelve pegs in untreated oak, ash and walnut. They can easily be put in, taken out and rearranged. This board is a handy and decorative accessory and gives your entrance hall or dressing room an exclusive finishing touch.

Five reasons why we’re such fans of the scoreboard

  • It adjusts to your needs: Depending on how many coats or accessories you’d like to have on your coat hook, you can rearrange the pins, choose different lengths and place them in a way to make enough space for all your belongings.

  • You can decorate it the way you want it: The easy way of rearranging the pegs allows you to change what your coat hook looks like whenever you want. There are loads of possibilities to decorate your scoreboard according to the season or your jacket colour.

  • It stays flexible: The board is mounted to the wall with screws and wall pegs and can be put up in another room in no time.

  • You have the choice: Not only decorating it is up to you, you can also decide how to arrange the three different wooden pegs and even if you’d like the horizontal or the vertical version of the board.

  • It’s timeless: Oak is a classic type of wood and is wonderfully natural. Every scoreboard is unique, as its natural grain is visible even after processing.

You can be creative and try out different combinations with your scorebaord.

  • Scoreboard horizontal
  • Scoreboard horizontal
  • Scoreboard horizontal
we do wood Scoreboard horizontal
Scoreboard by we do wood is a graphical coat hanger offering a lot of possibilities to express your personality. The MDF board with oak veneer and black edges includes with twelve pegs made of oak, ash and walnut. Dimensions (H x L): 18 cm x 100 cm.


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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  • Scoreboard vertical
  • Scoreboard vertical
  • Scoreboard vertical
we do wood Scoreboard vertical
The scoreboard is a wardrobe with a lot of possibilities for individual decoration.


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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Pia Seidel, Zurich

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I'm an aesthetics cheerleader who shakes her pom-poms for anthying that is art, design or fashion. When I’m travelling, I love to dive into the magic of new places and seek out the latest trends on the streets or at trade fairs. On a more daily basis, I enjoy decorating my home and listening to podcasts. For instant relaxation, I jog along the beautiful river Limmat – water is my element.

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