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Ravensburger - brush one's teeth, pee-pee (Frauke Nahrgang, Susanne Szesny)

- The lion in you (Rachel Bright)

Ravensburger - The Dinosaurs (Angela Weinhold)

- Herbst-Wimmelbuch (Red Lady Susanne Berner)

- Frühlings-Wimmelbuch (Red Lady Susanne Berner)

- Rotraut Susanne Berners Winter-Wimmelbuch (Red Lady Susanne Berner)

Ravensburger - Traffic lights, roads and traffic (Peter Nieländer)

Ravensburger - The clock and the time (Angela Weinhold)

Ravensburger - All about dinosaurs (Patricia Mennen, Hans Schellenberger)

Ravensburger - Mein grosses Sachen suchen Wimmelbuch (Susanne Gernhäuser)

Ravensburger - Sachen suchen, Sachen hören: Im Zoo (Frauke Nahrgang, Constanze Schargan)

Ravensburger - Fearful, angry, cheerful (Doris Rübel)

Ravensburger - My most beautiful animal stories (Manfred May)

Ravensburger - Today, tomorrow, now and right away number 56 (Daniela Prusse)

Ravensburger - This is me and this is you (Doris Rübel)