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The mobile subscription we've always wanted. Simple. Transparent. Fair.

  • Only pay for what you actually use.
    National data packages don’t expire.

  • Add further subscriptions to your account and
    each one gets you 1 GB more data per subscription.

  • All online. Three simple steps and your new subscription is done.
    Easily done from from wherever you are.

Try digitec connect? No problem. The first month comes with no base fee – but with all included services. Digitec connect. Simply a subscription. See what you think.

New contract with another provider

Click on "new contract" if:

  • You don't have a subscription yet and wish to have one
  • You have a subscription but wish to change the provider and keep your number
  • You wish to convert a prepaid number into a subscription

If you’d like to keep your current number, you may initiate the porting process before your current subscription expires. How long it takes to port a mobile number depends on the provider. With a postpaid subscription, the porting deadline can be up to several months after initiation of the process; with a prepaid number, porting takes one to a maximum of three weeks. In any case, you receive your new mobile phone immediately after signing the contract. Please note that contracts are processed manually. This may delay the delivery date.

Contract extension

Click on "contract extension" if:

  • You have a subscription and would like to benefit from a discounted device
  • You wish to both extend and change your subscription with your current provider

Please note that contracts are processed manually. This may delay the delivery date.


Important information on your subscription order

  • Subscriptions are concluded by our specialised mobiles team who require device-specific information. For this reason, subscriptions can only be obtained once the respective device has arrived at our warehouse (central warehouse or store warehouse).

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