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1. B+B Thermo-Technik B & Technik rain detector

The rain detector can be used, for example, to automatically control the operation of awnings or skylights. The switching polarity, as well as the sensitivity are adjustable. In the most sensitive setting, the device is also suitable for detecting fog. The mast or wall mounting bracket, which is available as an accessory, enables easy installation.Re-DesignThe sensor surface has been optimized so that reliability in difficult operating conditions (e.g. driving rain) is increased. To ensure this, the tips of the sensor surface no longer run vertically downwards, but at an 80° angle. In addition, the individual areas of the sensor surface are now significantly narrower and thus detect rain and snow more reliably. In addition to the optimized sensor surface, automatic activation of the sensor heating has also been integrated. This is only active when the sensor surface is wet and is used to quickly dry the sensor surface and remove any residual snow. In addition, there is now an adjustable switch-off delay in the rain detector. This can be set individually, depending on requirements, to approx. 90 to 330 seconds.Areas of application:- Agriculture and nurseries- Control of ventilation hatches and skylights- Automatic switches for awnings and roller blinds- Building management systems- Weather stations. 

2. SecuTech Non-contact level gauge

The LC-Level-Controller is an electronic instrument for displaying the tank content in volume percent and liter. All common tank shapes (cubic, cylindrical lying or standing) are supported. The multiple measurement for highest reliability is done contact-free with ultrasonic pulses. The tank capacity is determined from the tank parameters and the measured distance in the tank. Easy and maintenance-free mounting on the top of the tank due to 2 thread sizes integrated on the sensor. Highly reliable and the replacement for the mechanical tank gauge for heating oil, water, rainwater, waste oil tanks and many more. Displayed are: Tank content in liters and percent, tank free space display in liters, distance display in cm, daily consumption, range of the tank content. 

3. Kemo Battery monitor module M148A

This battery monitor protects your car battery from deep discharge by switching off in time (at approx. 12 V, ±0.2 V) consumers such as coolers, heaters, radios, TV sets etc.. It switches on again automatically after normal voltage returns. The switch-off voltage is adjustable from approx. 10.4 - 13.3 V, max. 20 A. 

4. H-Tronic H Tronic DC speed controller 10 A for DC motors

The main areas of application are stepless speed control of DC drilling machines, model cars, windshield wiper motors as well as for power tools. Due to the pulse width control, which operates with an adjustable frequency between approx. 500 Hz and 25 kHz, the power dissipation remains low even at low speeds. By using a MOSFET transistor, the output current can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 10 A with a trimpot (or with a control voltage of 0 - 5 V/DC or 0 - 10 V/DC, depending on the configuration), protecting the electronics in the event of sudden motor stall. The adjustment range of the motor extends from complete standstill to maximum speed. 

5. Purecrea Transistor set 170 pieces assorted

With this assorted transistor set you always have a suitable transistor for your Arduino project at hand! The set consists of 17 different transistors, 10 of each type. The NPN and PNP transistors are perfect for switching small loads or building an amplifier circuit.

Technical details:
Type: TO-92
Quantity: 170 pieces
Weight: 37g

Scope of delivery:
10x S9012
10x S9013
10x S9014
10x S9015
10x S9018
10x A1015
10x C181
10x A42
10x A92
10x 2N5401
10x 2N5551
10x A733
10x C945
10x S8050
10x S8550
10x 2N3906
10x 2N3904
10x S8050.

6. Quadrios QUAD 1903EC082 ESD Cleaning Brush 1.8 cm

QUAD 1903EC082 - ESD cleaning brush 1.8 cm (1903EC082).


Content amount: 5 piece per Pack.

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8. Sensirion Dust Sensor

The SPS30 particle sensor (PM) is a technological breakthrough in optical PM sensors. Its measurement principle is based on laser scattering and uses Sensirion's innovative contamination resistance technology. This technology, together with high-quality and durable components, enables precise measurements from the first start-up and throughout the entire service life of more than ten years. In addition, Sensirion's advanced algorithms provide superior precision for different PM types and higher resolution particle size binning, opening up new possibilities for the detection of different types of ambient dust and other particles. With dimensions of only 41 x 41 x 12 mm3 , it is also the perfect solution for applications where size matters, such as wall-mounted or compact air quality devices. 

9. TowiTek RFID access control

Compact module for a stand-alone access control system with RFID transponders as credentials. The system learns up to 50 badges and is easily controllable via a programming card. The switching contact can be configured for changeover or time function. The transponders used are copy-protected and offer a much higher level of security than similar systems. The reading range is approx. 20 - 50 mm. 

10. B+B Thermo-Technik FLW-122 Measuring range 0.1 - 100 m/s 1 pc.

FLW-122 Measuring range 0.1 - 100 m/s 1 pc.