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1. Kemo Battery monitor module M148A

This battery monitor protects your car battery from deep discharge by switching off in time (at approx. 12 V, ±0.2 V) consumers such as coolers, heaters, radios, TV sets etc.. It switches on again automatically after normal voltage returns. The switch-off voltage is adjustable from approx. 10.4 - 13.3 V, max. 20 A. 

2. Voltcraft Connection cable 2 m/25 mm², Pas

Pre-assembled cable set with wire end ferrules for connection to the inverter and with eyelets for connection to battery or fuse terminals.

3. Adafruit Neopixel Mini PCB (5 pcs.

five pcs. Neopixel on a small PCB.

With only 8mm x 10mm the probably smallest breakout for neopixels. On the
2 x 3 solder pads for power supply and
Engage. The
controller is already integrated in the LED, it
you can connect (almost) any number of neopixels in a row.

All pixels can take any color with 24-bit color stiffness and
are dimmable by PWM.

Each pixel consumes about 60mA (white, full brightness). Since the
neopixels are very bright, can also be very bright even at 50% brightness.
beautiful results are achieved. With an Arduino you can achieve approx.
500 neopixels, then the Ram is full.

The maximum distance between two neopixels should not exceed
six inches.

Packaging unit 5 pcs.

4. B+B Thermo-Technik B & Technik rain detector

The rain detector can be used, for example, to automatically control the operation of awnings or skylights. The switching polarity, as well as the sensitivity are adjustable. In the most sensitive setting, the device is also suitable for detecting fog. The mast or wall mounting bracket, which is available as an accessory, enables easy installation.Re-DesignThe sensor surface has been optimized so that reliability in difficult operating conditions (e.g. driving rain) is increased. To ensure this, the tips of the sensor surface no longer run vertically downwards, but at an 80° angle. In addition, the individual areas of the sensor surface are now significantly narrower and thus detect rain and snow more reliably. In addition to the optimized sensor surface, automatic activation of the sensor heating has also been integrated. This is only active when the sensor surface is wet and is used to quickly dry the sensor surface and remove any residual snow. In addition, there is now an adjustable switch-off delay in the rain detector. This can be set individually, depending on requirements, to approx. 90 to 330 seconds.Areas of application:- Agriculture and nurseries- Control of ventilation hatches and skylights- Automatic switches for awnings and roller blinds- Building management systems- Weather stations. 

5. Conrad Components Gossip switch kit Compon

Simply switch a consumer on and off from the comfort of your armchair by clapping your hands. A switching relay is controlled by a microphone. You can vary the sensitivity of the microphone. 

6. Kemo Temperature switch kit B04

Switches relay on or off after a preselectable temperature. Ideal as a thermostat, ice detector, fire detector, etc.

7. Thermo Tech IR heating plate 230 V

There are a variety of possible uses. The attachment of the infrared plate is very easy. Simply remove the protective film from the adhesive surface and attach to a flat surface. The adhesive foil attached to the back of the heat plate holds the heat plate absolutely securely and stably in the desired place. At the workplace, the IR heat plate can be attached under the desk, for example, to provide a pleasant climate for frozen feet. By means of the dimmer the desired temperature can be adjusted. 

8. Relco Transformer

Relco FOXS105PFS TH electronic tafo 20-105W 124x39x28mm RN1600 (RN1600).

9. Tru Components ESD spiral cable with push button and crocodile clip

This highly flexible spiral cable is suitable for connecting a work mat or wrist strap to an earthing point. The coupling to the earthing point is variably selectable by means of banana plugs or crocodile clips. Conforms to DIN EN 61340-5-1. 

10. Tru Components PT100 platinum temperature sensor -50 to +120 °C

Tru Components PT100 platinum temperature sensor -50 to 120 °C 100 ? 3850 ppm/K 3 mm (TC-10103052).