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Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger

Art-Nr 5998514
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A digitec product


PowerBoost 1000C is the perfect power supply for your portable
project! With a built-in load-sharing battery charger circuit, you'll
be able to keep your power-hungry project running even while
recharging the battery! This little DC/DC boost converter module can
be powered by any 3.7V LiIon/LiPoly battery, and convert the battery
output to 5.2V DC for running your 5V projects.

We tweaked the output to be 5.2V instead of a straight-up 5.0V so that
there's a little bit of 'headroom' for long cables, high draw, the
addition of a diode on the output if you wish, etc. The 5.2V is safe
for all 5V-powered electronics like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or Beagle
Bone while preventing icky brown-outs during high current draw because
of USB cable resistance.

The PowerBoost 1000C has at the heart a TPS61090 boost converter from
TI. This boost converter chip has some really nice extras such as low
battery detection, 2A internal switch, synchronous conversion,
excellent efficiency, and 700KHz high-frequency operation. Check out
these specs!

* Synchronous operation means you can disconnect the output
completely by connecting the ENable pin to ground. This will
completely turn off the output
* 2A internal switch (~2.5A peak limiting) means you can get 1000mA+
from a 3.7V LiPoly/LiIon battery. Just make sure your battery can
handle it!
* Low battery indicator LED lights up red when the voltage dips
below 3.2V, optimized for LiPo/LiIon battery usage
* Onboard 1000mA charge-rate 'iOS' data resistors. Solder in the USB
connector and you can plug in any iPad, iPhone or iPod for 1000mA
charge rate.
* Full breakout for battery in, control pins and power out
* 90%+ operating efficiency in most cases (see datasheet for
efficiency graphs), and low quiescent current: 5mA when enabled and
power LED is on, 20uA when disabled (power and low batt LED are off)

To make this even more useful, we stuck a smart load-sharing Lipoly
charger on the other side. The charger circuitry is powered from a
microUSB jack, and will recharge any 3.7V/4.2V LiIon or LiPoly battery
at 1000mA max rate. There's two LEDs for monitoring the charge rate, a
yellow one tells you its working, a green one lights up when its done.

Since the built-in battery charger has load-sharing, it will
automatically switch over to the USB power when available, instead of
continuously charging/draining the battery. This is more efficient,
and lets you charge-and-boost at the same time without any
interruption on the output so its fine for use as a "UPS"
(un-interruptable power supply).

Just be aware that the charge rate is 1000mA max, and there's some
inefficiency during the boosting stage, so make super sure that the
USB adapter you're using to charge with is high quality, can supply 2A
and has thick power wires. The one from Play-Zone is ideal and has
been tested, lower quality ones will not act well due to the voltage
drop on the wires or droop on the power supply. This is especially
true if you're actually drawing 1000mA out of the PowerBoost 1000C,
the MCP73871 maxes out at 1.8A.

This charger-booster is great for powering your robot, Arduino
project, single-board-computer such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone!
Each order comes with one fully assembled and tested PCB and a loose
USB A jack. If you are powering your project from USB, solder the USB
A jack in (a 3-minute soldering task). You can also use a 3.5mm 2pin
block and solder to the output spot where the USB jack would go. Or
dont solder anything in for a more compact power pack.

If you're trying to figure out how much current your project is using,
check out the CHARGER DOCTOR!


* 23mm x 45mm x 10mm / 0.9" x 1.8" x 0.4"
* Weight: 6g


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Mail delivery

 Expected delivery time: approx. 10–12 days
Currently > 5 piece(s) in stock at the supplier


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 Expected delivery time: approx. 8–10 days
Currently > 5 piece(s) in stock at the supplier

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Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger Adafruit PowerBoost 1000 Charger