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Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2: pre-order now!

I’m sure that most Super Mario fans enjoyed the Nintendo Direct released last February. Many were hoping for a Switch remake of Mario Maker. Instead, a new version with new content was announced: Super Mario Maker 2. The game releases in June, and you can already pre-order it here!

Sadly, not too much is known about the game yet. However, this video is sure to give you a good first idea of what will be possible and how you’ll be able to shape worlds.

Super Mario Maker was originally released in 2015 for Wii U. The follow-up, a Switch exclusive, will again give you the opporunity to come up with 2D Mario levels to your heart’s desire. The original already contained countless possibilities, and now its sequel seems to have one thing in spades: MORE OF EVERYTHING. Here’s a little list of all the features it’s speculated to have:

  • The degree of a slope will now be customisable.
  • Gusts of wind will now be available for your own levels (this feature is originally from «Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels»).
  • There’s an angry sun that chases you.
  • You can now choose between different themes (desert, snow, jungle, and forest).
  • You can now assign specific paths to snake blocks.
  • There will be a new ant trooper enemy from «Super Mario 3D World».
  • Vertical levels can now be created, on top of the standard levels from right to left.
  • Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch, DE)
  • Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch, DE)
  • Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch, DE)
CHF 64.90
Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch, DE)
Create the Super Mario levels of your dreams in Super Mario Maker 2.


  • Sales start on 28.06.2019

Information subject to change.

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What we don’t know yet: Why is Luigi on the game’s cover art? Does this hint at a new co-op mode? Judging by the newly released co-op mode in «Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker», this seems like a real possibility.

Why do you think Luigi’s on the cover? Comment your answer!

Disclaimer: working with Nintendo, we looked into the issue of some products not arriving on time during the last quarter. We are now confident in being able to deliver future games on the release date.

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User Gorgo436

Luigi bedeutet für mich, dass das Spiel eine massgebende Verbesserung zum Vorgänger sein wird.
Luigi >> Mario .

User tony s

Remember - no preorders.

User Anonymous

+1. Never the best price

User lukas.jeger

Wenn ich vorbestelle ist dann auch ein Mario Maker 2 touchpen dabei?

User Jan Heidenreich

Ja du wirst dann den Touchpen bekommen. Wir konnten das gestern mit Nintendo abklären. Ich werde es bald auch beim Artikel ersichtlich machen :)