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  • Galaxy XCover 4 (5", 16GB, 13MP, Black)
  • Galaxy XCover 4 (5", 16GB, 13MP, Black)
  • Galaxy XCover 4 (5", 16GB, 13MP, Black)
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Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 (5", 16GB, 13MP, Black)

Question about Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 (5", 16GB, 13MP, Black)

User Brimstone

What exactly is the question? Can't you just manually turn on the GPS function? For further information and support i recommend contacting Samsung directly.
Quelle est exactement la question? Ne pouvez-vous pas activer manuellement la fonction GPS? Pour plus d'informations et de support, je recommande de contacter Samsung directement.

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User rooman

when doing a sport like running or walking, the gps tracking stops after some minutes, sometimes 8min, sometimes 5min, everytime different. The sport apps are whitelisted for standby and optimize functions and power saver OFF. I Have tried memory locker apps and gps blockers.
I think the phone gps antenna must have bad connection but cannot repair.
How to contact Samsung? In Switzerland they only speak german

User Brimstone

I don't think they only speak german. They also speak french. And I'm sure most of them speak english aswell. But I'm sure you can also contact Samsung UK to verify if there's an actual problem.

User Brimstone

Samsung Schweiz:
Samsung UK:

I'd try the Live Chat first.


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