You asked for it, we got it: reusable straws
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You asked for it, we got it: reusable straws

Léonie de Montmollin
Zurich, on 29.04.2019
Translation: Eva Francis
Any step towards a more environmentally conscious life is worth taking. Our Community shares this opinion and has called for reusable straws to be added to our product range. And we did: eco-friendly straws are now available on Galaxus.

The Galaxus Category Management team gets product recommendations in various ways: by e-mail, in coffee breaks, via WhatsApp – and often also on our Community platform on Galaxus. And yes, we hear you! User «me» asked for environmentally friendly steel straws almost a year ago. This request was backed by numerous other users who [«upvoted»] ( the comment.

37 likes and lots of supporting words by Community members. That was reason enough for us to look out for reusable straws straight away. Our sourcing team set out to find suitable suppliers for the 2019 summer season. With success: eleven months later and just in time for summer, we’re happy to present our fine selection of eco-friendly straws.

So much for the back-story.

Finally added to our range

Stainless steel, bamboo, glass – there are several alternatives for our beloved drinking straws. Some last forever, others are compostable. These models even come with a handy cleaning brush:

Bar accessories
Steel Rainbow Straight
22.50was 27.50
Strawganic Steel Rainbow Straight

Environmentally friendly and trendy: these reusable stainless steel straws are available in a wide range of colours.

Produce less plastic waste and enjoy your drinks through environmentally friendly straws. Go to to all reusable straws. Cheers!

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Léonie de Montmollin
Léonie de Montmollin
Category Marketing Manager, Zurich
When I’m not busy putting together home décor themes or planning marketing activities for Galaxus, I enjoy decorating my home with things I love and starting DIY projects I finish all too rarely. The inspiration I get comes from blogs, magazines and travels. My favourite home living styles: Nautical, Scandinavian and Nordic.

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