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Will your kid be a master chef or a home owner?

Translation: Eva Francis

KidKraft designs high-quality worlds for children where they become starred chefs or facility managers. Discover the cute and newly available children's play kitchens and dolls’ houses here.

Kidkraft children's play kitchens

Play kitchens offer a variety of possibilities to act and play – be it preparing meals in a top restaurant or helping mum and dad with the cooking.

KidKraft Corner kitchen with light and sound

KidKraft Corner kitchen with light and sound


Kidkraft dolls’ houses

With these large, well-equipped dolls’ houses, it's fun to bring any story to life. Your kid is going to love the detailed designs of these dolls’ houses.

Check out the brand Kidkraft.

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My first port of call at Galaxus was the toy department. Although I still thoroughly enjoy a good parlour game, I'm now in charge of all things kitchen. This means I get to buy pretty plates and quality knives both for work and play.

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