Tool case innovation by Kraftwerk
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Tool case innovation by Kraftwerk

Fabienne Bratschi
Zurich, on 13.08.2018
Translation: Eva Francis
Are you constantly looking for the right tools in your toolbox? Thanks to Kraftwerk's new opening method, you can now take out all tools in one go.

Kraftwerk's new service tool case contains 154 parts, which are easy to store thanks to the innovative opening method. With fixed tool holders, you always have an overview of the entire contents of your tool case.

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According to the manufacturer, the new tool case also boasts the following features: - Highest requirements for the selection of tools - Screwdrivers by PB Swiss Tools - High-tech pliers by NWS - Tape measure with wide tape - ABS housing - Engineer's hammer with fibreglass handle - A large selection of additional tools from the professional line - Combination lock - Comfortable handle - Easy overview and operation of the tools thanks to new opening method - Compilation and quality control carried out in Switzerland

This tool case isn’t what you’re looking for? Check out our range of over 250 tool kits!

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Fabienne Bratschi
Fabienne Bratschi
Senior Category Marketing Manager, Zurich
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